Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas time is here....

Christmas is almost here.  I must say that I am kind of numb and yet looking forward to the day with slight...really slight excitement.  This sounds sad, but really it isn't.  I think Christmas, as I have always known it, is changing, as all things, traditions and events seem to do throughout ones life. 

I no longer get excited about the gifts or the work for "the" Christmas.  My children are older.  My daughter is now 29 and my son is 16.  There isn't the element of surprising them on Christmas morning.  The Currier & Ives picture is gone; burned and buried. 

I have always tried to "include" Jesus in "our" Christmas celebrations, but it has not been completely about HIM!  Gifts...material things...the smells...the tastes...the music...  Such an American thing.  (Sometimes just being an American leads to sin...)  :( 

Jesus please forgive me....  

I listen to my 29 year old daughter and I just hang my head in shame.  She isn't doing anything wrong.  She is the epitome of my own quote..."Whatever a parent does in moderation the child will do in excess."  She is worried that her daughter doesn't have a red Christmassy dress to wear on Christmas.  So...not...important!!!  She is upset that she doesn't have the money to buy her husband a gift for Christmas.  So...not...important!!!  My advice to her was concentrate on the true meaning of why CHRISTIANS CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS!!!  I told her to spend time with her family, without complaining...make cookies and then eat them.  Make a snow family and then be one.  Make homemade decorations and display them.  Play Christmas Hymns and sing them.   Serve those less fortunate--be Jesus.  Do Christmas!!! Praise God for sending us HIS SON!!!

I am taking my own advice...Yes, Christmas is changing here at the Beale Bungalow.