Friday, June 29, 2012

Vines and bounty....

After a long wait...finally blooms have begun.  I love greenbeans!  These vines have been watered, composted, talked to and prayed over; finally progress is visible.

One could learn a great deal by just reading God's Word and working a garden.  I mean, there are so many references concerning life throughout the Word of God.  I know that during biblical times an agrarian society was the norm, but it amazes me that no matter how much time has occurred...nothing has changed.  One still needs to place a seed in the soil to reap a bountiful reward, and God's Word is the same yesterday and today and tomorrow.

I say all this to report that bounty is beginning to be reaped (in more ways than one) here at the Beale Bungalow.  After much prayer and petitioning God--Anna and Will are getting some of Will's VA benefits and SSI will start soon, as well.  They had to live through the vining process and now they are seeing blooms.  Praise God!  

I need to remember this agricultural and biblical lesson as I live out my life in the daily's of living.  I Seth takes time; he needs to vine out and bloom--I need to be obedient and patient  (Proverbs 22:6--"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.")  Our financial status takes time; I need to "make the most of what God has given me.  (Matthew 6:25-34--"Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?"...etc.) 

I need to stay ingrafted in the vine no matter what the circumstances! (John 15-"I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser"...etc.)  Yep, one can learn a great many truths just by reading God's Word and tending a garden.

Yesterday was a day of canning!  I thoroughly enjoyed it. First....

There were cherries, sugar, vanilla and brandy!  According to the recipe in MaryJane's magazine--I needed to heat 4 cups of brandy to dissolve 3/4 cups of sugar.  No boiling, just heat to lukewarm status. The alcohol is not to be boiled out.  Remove from heat and add the teaspoon of vanilla.  Wash the cherries and place one by one (complete with stems and seeds) into clean mason jars.  Pour brandy mixture over cherries.  Put a lid on the jar...shake gently and then place in the refrigerator.  These will keep up to a year.

Are they not beautiful?  Such a rich red color!  I had some of the brandy mixture left over, so I added extra sugar and I am going to let it sit for a bit...this will make a fantastic cough syrup!  Remember...making the most of what God has given me!!  :)

Next was my Pickle Relish!

After chopping for 2 hours, then soaking in water with 1/4 cup of salt for 4 hours, drained, then simmered for ten minutes in 2 cups of white vinegar, 3 1/2 cups of sugar, 1 Tbspn each of celery seed and mustard seed--my relish was ready to can.  This is the first of several cans that I wish to do of this recipe throughout the season.  YUMMY!

I cannot stand store bought relishes, pickles, jams and such--not since I have been making my own.  My guys do not care for store bought either...once you make the fresh real never want to go back!  :)

My day was filled with canning, gardening, good books and children's laughter all day...I loved it!



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A determined day...

When I awoke this morning I was determined to be super productive.  As many of our forefathers put it...I was highly resolved.  There is just so much to do and only a certain amount of time in which to accomplish everything...I had to get moving.  I just want a dejunked, cleaned and painted home before schooling starts in the fall. 

Anyway, up with the heart of the Proverbial Woman on steriods...I commensed to work my list.

After getting the bathroom scrubbed and fresh towels hung-and starting laundry; I noticed some apples that were not getting eaten.  My family will only eat apples when they are super crisp and these were getting somewhat soft, so I thought applesauce would be a nice addition to our supper tonight.

It is amazing how some apple chunks heated through with a small amount of water, organic sugar, vanilla and cinnamon can make your house smell like!  Better than any high priced potpourri could ever be. 

I don't understand how we...who never go anywhere...can generate so much laundry.  I did five loads today and I have one more to do tomorrow.  There are only three of this just dumbfounds me.

I want an umberella clothesline, but this is not quite what I had in mind.  Neccesity IS the mother of invention.  This is what I have, so this is what I used. 

I must say that it did work and I have some sweet smelling air dryed shirts.  I will keep using this until God provides me with a real clothesline.  (and He will)  

My son dusted and I vacuumed.  It was a team effort on that front today.  I cleaned off my diningroom table which tends to be a catch all for paper and such.  Papers multiply on me.  I don't even know where it all comes from.  So, a great deal of paper trash went out today.  Yippee!!!

I really got into my bedroom this afternoon and started the deep cleaning.  It felt good to get rid of the built up dust and dirt.  I have zoned each section (it is really bad)! It will probably take a week or two just to get my bedroom done.  I really don't mind though.  As long as there is progress toward my goal...I don't care.

I decided my 22 year old copy of my mother-in-law's Sweet Pickle recipe needed recopying.  This is a much used recipe. Can you tell?

There was lots more laundry to do...I have been doing it all day it seemed, but it is nice to have a full drawer of dishcloths and dishtowels. I use them much much more since I have limited the amount of paper towels I use.  Ah...clean of the simple pleasures of my life. :)

When I did stop to take a break I found myself thumbing through this time of years preferred reading material.  I have the desire to really can this summer.  So far, I probably have enough recipes chosen to can that not only would fill my shelves, that have not materialized yet, but my computer room as well.  I have high hopes in this area.  We will see what God does...

After finishing the housework and supper, my husband and I like to sit outside in our backyard.  My husband is not a talker, but sitting outside somehow brings the "talk" out of him.  It has become a pleasure for me to sit at our very grey and weathered old friend (our picnic table) and enjoy the sight and sounds of the evening and a little conversation, too.

As the evening shadows works it's way across our yard we listen to the birds and usually watch the two mallards that always visit us for birdseed and stale bread. 

My son, who did his share of work today came out to join us this evening.  He loves archery and is pretty good at it, too.  I still don't understand what he has against my old dying tree; it is loaded with arrow holes!

None of his friends were home today, so having us watch him and his antics was good for him.  My son loves the one type of comedy I cannot stand...SLAPSTICK!  But I have to hold my tongue and enjoy him and his version of this destorted comedy form (in my humble opinion) because he finds so much fun in everything by playing around...all the time!  Tonight, he was a hoot though. 

So, the house was cleaned.  Deep cleaning started in my bedroom. Laundry almost completed.  Kitchen and bathroom both scrubbed.  The diningroom table is once again a diningroom table not a waste paper basket.  A wonderful evening with my guys.  Lots done and even more to be thankful for. 

   Thank you for giving me the determination to work...really work today.  Thank you for all that was accomplished.  Thank you for fresh smelling shirts and clean sheets.  Thank you for Your bounty and all the recipes to use them.  Thank you for a peaceful evening outside with the men that You have given me.  Thank you for everything today.  Most of all...thank you for Your Son, who by His obedience and death on the cross...has allowed this short, wide woman to become Your daughter and realize that all that I have comes from You.  Thank you for allowing me to do the work that You ordained for me to do today.

                                                           In Jesus Name, Amen

Good night....Sharon

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Storms to blue skies...

Last evening, the dark water laden storm clouds rolled in with an unseen vendetta against the hot humid days that we have been experiencing.

The grass and gardens probably loved every drop of the cooling rain, but the wind was a different story. My 5 foot dill had to be resecured and restaked.  My guys just finished mowing and trimming the lawn when the rain started pelting everything and everyone in it's path.  My son was none too happy about having to go out and pick up the storms debris, but such is life.

Then came the morning!  The temperatures were so cool and refreshing that if it wasn't for all the green...I'd say it was an early fall morning! It was and has been a breathtakingly beautiful day.  Crisp, clean, clear skies--this would put a smile on anyones face! 

When I was watching the storm last night and then taking in the beautiful sky of the morning--a poem that I read to my daughter when she was young came to mind.

   The Captain's Daughter

WE were crowded in the cabin,
Not a soul would dare to sleep,
It was midnight on the waters,
And a storm was on the deep.

'Tis a fearful thing in winter
To be shattered by the blast,
And to hear the rattling trumpet
Thunder, 'Cut away the mast!'

So we shuddered there in silence,
For the stoutest held his breath,
While the hungry sea was roaring
And the breakers talked with death.

As thus we sat in darkness,
Each one busy with his prayers,
'We are lost !' the captain shouted,
As he staggered down the stairs.

But his little daughter whispered,
As she took his icy hand,
'Isn't God upon the ocean,
Just the same as on the land?'

Then we kissed the little maiden,
And we spake in better cheer,
And we anchored safe in harbor
When the morn was shining clear.
James Thomas Fields

God is still God when the storms come in an engulf the land and the sea; God is still God when the sun is shining and it's  rays warm the land and the sea.  This is a truth for our very lives.  \o/

Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to my dearest daughter....

                           Today is my daughter's 28th birthday
                                      ...a bittersweet day. 

She is four states away and going through such a hard time that my heart aches in a way that nothing seems to be able to soothe the pain.  Romans 8:38-39 has definitely helped this morning.  Praise God....

When my daughter was placed in my arms 28 years ago I really didn't know what to do with her.  I was in a hormonal downslide and was absolutely miserable.  Though I loved my baby...I was overwhelmed and scared to death.  It was fairly easy to meet her needs, but I was still somewhat detached.  When she was about six weeks old, my hormones settled out and the panic subsided and I was more like myself.  I had just fed her, given her a bath and put her in a pretty little dress when, as I was sitting in our old tweed rocker I placed her on the ottoman to just look at her.  It was then that she said, "ur".  All of a sudden, as if heaven opened up and love came down as a dove, this rushing, passionate, breathtaking mother love fell upon me.  I remembering picking her up and crying...thanking God for this beautiful little baby girl.  

It was at this same instant that I realized I wasn't loved by my mother the way that I loved this little "urring" gift from God.  The tears went from overwhelming love to bittersweet realization that there was something really wrong and sick about the relationship between my mother and myself.  So, it seems that bittersweet was at the beginning as it is now.

A caring mother never wants their beloved child to go through hard, painful and frightening times.  At the same time this same mother grows and matures realizing that though they control certain aspects of the child's life while growing up, she cannot control anything once they have grown.  This is sort of a death.  Death to self.  Death to dreams.  Death to apron strings.  Death to "being mommy".

My daughter is now being raised and reared by God, our Heavenly Father.  To borrow from C. S. Lewis, “Course he isn’t safe, but he is good. He is not a tame lion.”   God is dealing my daughter in ways and on levels that I can never reach, of course, He is God and can do these things.  He is training my daughter and her family to trust, and we all know how difficult these lessons are.  My heart aches.

God is also training me in the same fashion.  Trust...  Me? Me learning to trust a God that allowed things to happen in my life that I just didn't understand then and I do not understand now.  Trust?...  Everyone who knows me knows that I do not totally trust anyone, not even my own husband  (not even my own self).  I keep a reserved part of myself.  Trust?  Wow...hard...

So, by allowing my precious daughter to go through terrible situations...I, being mom, go through them, as well.  Trust...
Do I trust God to take care of my daughter and her family...I actually have been force in a do this very thing.  Trust= Faith..."the just shall live by faith.."   "And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him."  Faith.... Trust...

I must trust!  I can still love, hurt, cry, moan and groan, but I must trust, or all this ache and pain will be for naught!  Because not pleasing God is...well, it is just not an option. 

Yes, today is my daughter's 28th birthday.  I have already called her and sang her "Happy Birthday".  She loved her package that she received Saturday, but didn't open until this morning.  She loved her new outfit; she was wearing it when I spoke to her. She said she chuckled when she saw her new green shirt.  (If you received anything green from me that is a code in our family.  It means I love you, because green is my favorite color.  She got the message I was sending her....and it brought a smile to her face and her mother's love to her heart.)  She appreciated the Dunkin' Doughnuts gift card, too.  God allowed me to love and celebrate my daughter from 4 states away.  :)  

Today will not be what I would have planned for her, but it will be the day that God planned for her.   “Course he isn’t safe, but he is good. He is not a tame lion.”  I trust it will be a good day for her.

Smiling peacefully,


Thursday, June 21, 2012

The LORD is good....

                   Come taste and see that the LORD is good!

The past few days have been heaven for me.  I have been gardening, cleaning, baking and canning.  Ahhh...perfect.  I am happy to report that nothing has broken down in a week and I am getting used to having only one car.  So, God is good!!!

Today has already been full of activity.  I was up with my husband, as usual, except this morning I took him to work.  I needed the car.  At 6:15 this morning the temperature was already 76 degrees!  It is going to be another scorcher.

Because of the temperature...I watered my gardens well.  I am hoping for some rain soon...just to give my water bill a break...or should I say my sewage bill.  Moving out in the country is sounding better and better to me all the time.

After finishing with the gardening .... pickle canning time.

It is 10 am and I am done!  It was fun to get back to my canning.  I really love it and so does my family.  My son doesn't care for the pickles, but my husband does.  My younger guy loves all the jams and fruits best, of course.  I am going to do a tutorial on how I can my pickles later on this evening.  I do not have time right now.

The 25th of this month is my daughter's 28th birthday, so I am going to go do some shopping today and mail it to her post haste.  It will be nice to get out of the house and look and new and pretty things. 

Well, that is all for now. 


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A great morning...

                                             Good morning!

        It is a beautiful Wednesday!  Summer hot kind of a day! 

So, what do I have to talk about today...Well, I am making pickles.  They have been soaking all night in lime water and I will soon start the washing process.  I have just enough vinegar and pickling spice to make one batch of my Mother-in-law's recipe.  My husband is really looking forward to tasting some freshly made sweet spicy pickles.  (I prefer the salty dill, but that is just me.)

I am going to try something with my lime water.  Lavender plants love a lime environment, so instead of throwing all the liming water out....I am going to reserve some and pour it around one my lavender plants to see if it sparks more growth.  I am going to use it gingerly, but I am going to try it. Why waste the lime...

I have some bananas that are getting too ripe for munching, therefore I plan on baking today.  My favorite banana bread and a recipe of "Heavenly Zucchini Bread.  These can be frozen for later use or I might send some to work with my husband for he and his office to enjoy. Baking is definitely on the agenda today.  Smiling......

I would like to also can these two pineapples I have, but alas I am low on vinegar and need to get some whole cloves.  I will just cut these up and have them for snacks.  Oh well, someday I will pickle pineapple.  I just can't seem to co-ordinate the car, shopping and the ripening of my pineapples. Oh well, I will try again.

The temperature is supposed to be in the 90's today. Ugh...I watered my gardens really really well this morning.

These pictures are prior to watering, so everything looks ready for a little H2O.  My cucumbers are climbing the "covered wagon"; the squash is beginning to come in; and I am loving the blooms of for the flax and a bluish purple for the borage.  I am really hoping to get some seeds from these two plants.  I love them!

After I get my cucumbers in their vinegar mixture I am going to continue my bedroom's dejunking.  I cannot believe how much "stuff" I have allow to accumulate.  I can't wait to have it all cleaned and freshly painted.  When I am done I will post some pictures. 

This already has been a productive morning and I must say I have enjoyed very much-just like I used to before my depression hit.   "Putzing and piddling" around my home is what I love to do best!  Laundry going, breads baking, pickles being made, pork loin chops defrosting all add up to a perfectly wonderful day....for me and mine.  \o/

I have more to talk about, alas my computer time is over.  Anyway it is time for some summer schooling to get done. 

Have a great and blessed day in the LORD.  Selah!!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday musings...

As most of you know, my son has been sick.  He was running a 102.6 fever on Saturday then a 102.4  Sunday morning.  Last evening it only got to 100.6 --- progress.  This morning there is no temperature!  Yipee!!  His appetite is returning along with those lame jokes, but I am not complaining.  It is good seeing him up and about playing his Wii and wanting to go to Game Stop.  Thank you, Father.

Last night, as I was walking to my son's room to remake his bed (I forgot to put on fresh sheets, since I was washing his camo ones) my left pinky toe found the box that has been in the hallway for months.  I know it knew that it was there; it has been missing it for a very long time, but last night contact was made.  I really wish I was perfect, but I, in my pain reverted back to my old ways...said a few choice words which I immediately begged God for forgiveness and went on with my motherly duties.  Limping and in pain, I might add.  Oh, the sacrifice we make for our children, especially when they are sick.

I think the gray of my front walkway goes nicely with the ever increasing shades of purple and blue of my wounded swollen toe.  Don't you think so, too?

This day has been very pleasant...very pleasant indeed.  My husband has been off because of a doctor's appointment, so the day is somewhat out of routine.  Which is a welcomed respite after this weekend of sickness and Father's Day fun.

We planted my new blueberry bushes that I got at BJ's for $5.99 each!   Notice--they already have berries on them!  I am going to go and get some bird and squirrel netting sometime this week.  Both have been eyeing them all day. 

In between gardening and taking temperatures I started and finished a new craft for my front door.  Tell me what you think of it.

I saw this on Pinterest loved it!  It is so very simple to make.  All it takes is a straw wreath, red, white and blue yarn and a package of different sized white buttons and some tacky glue.  You wrap and glue on the buttons...that is it!  My son loves the 4th of July, so I thought I would make this with him in mind.  He thinks it is cool! 

I would like to leave you with what I was able to capture on camera...



Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

                     Father's Day Silhouette Clip Art

Luke 1:17  "and he will go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready for the Lord a people prepared."  

This verse lets me off the hook in many ways!  God is directing His comments to the fathers.  Why?  He wants a people prepared.   Or am I really off the hook?

This passage is directed to the children of Israel "And he will turn many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God," as found in verse 16. Are we not the spiritual seed of Abraham? Are we not heirs in the Jewish Messiah? This, I believe, totally includes the "disciples" of Jesus...that would be us.

 I am coming under the conviction that yes, we mothers are going to be called into account for how we manage our homes and train our children, yet to what end are we doing this most sacred work?   I have been pondering this all morning; why didn't God include mothers in this passage?  Of course, I have some thoughts about, here are some of them.

Do I think that God really has a familial hierarchy? 
Jesus->husband->mother->children.  I mean, do I really and truly believe this?  If I do, am I living exactly what God has to say about such a powerful matter?

Could I, being the mother, be left out because I am to be training my son to honor and respect his father in order to ready him for his father's godly and manly training?

Or in my dissatifaction of what I see on a daily basis cause me to be prideful and undermine my husband and his meager efforts?  Am I my husband's worst enemy?  (Proverbs 31:12 is suddenly ringing and clanging in my ear.  " She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life.")

If I am not training my son to honor, respect and obey his earthly father....well, you already know the rest.  He will not honor, respect and obey his Heavenly Father.  So, maybe we mothers are not off the hook with this verse at all! 

If we do not train our children to be prepared for their fathers training...even if it is just in tiny increments spaced out over way to much time in most mothers opinions...then we are setting our families and those families who might be observing us for "utter destruction."

Malachi 4:6 says "And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with a decree of utter destruction." 

I know that I am always shouting verse to the mountain tops to my husband and all that can hear, but I do play a part in these verses?  I do believe that God has, in His Divine Wisdom, put into place a familial hierarchy, therefore, I am as Isaiah...I am a man of unclean lips.  As Peter, declaring that I am a sinful man!  And even Job who says he is a worm.  God have mercy...  

I am reaping several hardships because of me not honoring, respecting and obeying my husband.  On the flip side, I am also reaping several hardships because I did honor, respect and obey.  I don't believe that God said everything would be perfect if I honored my husband.  Just take a gander at Sarah...she honored and obeyed and ended up in Pharoah's house, but God protected her.  I do believe He will protect me, too.  

I am included in these verses, because my husband is my head.  If he goes down then so do I and our children.  Utter destruction is a good motivator to repent and ask for forgiveness.  

"Father, forgive this self-centered prideful woman.  Please cleanse me from the stench of undermining my husband.  Please create in my heart a proper love and respect towards him.  I want this for Your Glory and to be in obedience, so "utter destruction" in the sphere that You Yourself have placed me...cannot be laid at my feet.  Allow my feet to run the race You have set before me with endurance and with in the familial hierarchy that You have ordained."

In Jesus Name,


Friday, June 15, 2012


I know that you are probably tired of me starting my posts this way....but, it is a gorgeous morning!  The air is crisp and cool...not like a fall morning, but an early spring morning.  (I prefer the fall...)  Anyway, it is cool, colorful and energizing outside!  I have opened wide my windows and I am inviting this morning with all its hues and scents into the Beale Bungalow.

I did have a small harvest two honking zucchini clubs that I haven't seen until this morning.

I might have enough cucumbers to actually start making some sweet pickles.  I use my late mother-in-laws recipe--it is my husband's favorite.  I will probably do a tutorial when I do make them.  So stay tuned.

I fertilized my garden beds this morning.  I still need to work it all in.  I am so tired of not having produce!  I am composting and watering, but hardly any I have some organic fertilizer and hopefully this will help my plants produce more.  We shall see....

My week seems to be kind of messed up from all my original plans, but today is going to be great!  I slept so well last night and I have so much energy that I am going to capitalize on this and get things done around the ol' homestead. on the agenda.  I have a pumpkin, some purple basil, a Black-Eyed Susan, an English Lavender and a Pineapple Sage to get into the soil. :)  Color and scent galore!!!

Schooling...just the usual.  Explode the Code and Developmental Math.  We finished "Carry On, Mr. Bowditch"; we are now going to read through the Kingdom Series by Chuck Black.  This is going to double as a Bible study, too!  There are study questions at the end of each book!  Yeah!!!!

Cleaning....I have lots of yesterdays groceries to put away and kitchen to clean.  Vacuuming and dusting-thankfully this is a shared chore.  The bathroom is a given and since I cannot seem to get the Mister to make my shelving. I am going to start dejunking our bedroom.  Every step forward will get me closer to my goal of an organized clean home! 

Reading....Yesterday, I went to Walmart after my dental appointment.  I was so pleased because I found three books that I have been wanting to read and a large print compact Bible that I can carry in my purse.  It is KJV not ESV, but that is okay with me.  I have started reading the Wanda Brunstetter book, "The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club".  It is going to be good...I can tell already.  It comes complete with a quilt pattern and her usual recipe that is brought out in her story.  Smiling.....

I think I am going to have my son mow the lawns today.  It will be sort of an early Father's Day gift.  Maybe the Mister can build shelves instead of mowing?  This is truly not my motive.... but it is a thought.  Master Beale needs to learn to bless his father; he always blesses his mother, but he needs to appreciate and bless his dad, as well.

Oh well, that is all I have for now.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A lovely poem...



               The Older Woman

When young I was married and expecting the bliss
That was penned in novels or written in scripts
I quickly discovered that marriage demanded more
Than gifts from the wedding and being carried through the door.
My husband though a blessing from the Lord up above
Couldn’t teach me to humble myself and him freely love
For that one was needed who had walked in my shoes
A woman much older was the method
God would choose.
Her hair was a white crown, her face mapped with wrinkles
Her gait was not steady but her eyes how they twinkled
She was full of the wisdom that comes from a life
That had embraced the role of a helpmeet and wife.
At times I’d call her to complain about my man
And she’d listen and question to help me understand
That I hadn’t been called to be the person in charge
But to submit to God’s purpose
which was righteous and large.
She wounded me faithfully in my unbelief
And showed me by her actions that grace was within reachBe discreet, chaste, and sober
Love children, love husband
Be obedient to his wishes
See that godliness ne’er diminishes
So the Word of God is not blasphemed.
The day came when this older woman went to receive her reward
Weeks before we had spoken—these were her tender words
I’m leaving you, Dear, to join my Savior in heaven
Now you be the older woman. Go help six or seven.
At first I was anxious. How could I become
Like the woman God sent to help me respond
To His call on my life a worthy woman to be?
My dear friend assured that His grace was sufficient for me.
She reminded me that I had something to teach
To the keepers at home—many within reach
Be discreet, chaste, and sober
Love children, love husband
Be obedient to his wishes
See that godliness ne’er diminishes
So the Word of God is not blasphemed.
There are numbers of younger ones expecting the bliss
That’s been penned in novels or written in scripts
They know now that marriage demands so much more
Than gifts from the wedding and to be carried through the door.
I look in the mirror and what do I see
With the same set of eyes that have always been me
But a vessel of God to be used in His story
As now, the older woman,
I help others to live to His glory.

© 2009 Andrea Schwartz

A free coffee give away...

Avodah Coffee is being given away at !  It is a free entry and I love a good cup of coffee.  So, come on CHG's go visit A Wise Woman Builds Her Home and enter.

I also wanted to show you my find at CHKD.

This was only $2.98!  All glass pitcher with a plastic lid.  Not bad...huh!

I feel less deep as my previous post...the sun came out!


Little slices....

I know the sun is up and coming from the east somewhere behind the blanket of clouds high in the sky.  I feel the dampness of the air due to the night rains that has left its evidence on everything it touched.  I see the brightness of the sun's glow as it shines on the veil of gray that God decided to bless us with on this day, June 13th, 2012.  Sounds are muffled.  Green is greener. 

Walking through my back and front yards, the water that is clinging to the grass attack my garden clogs and the hem of my jeans.  Wet, of course, but cool.  The water lacing it's way through the clogs and my pant hems make me want to just walk bare footed in the dampened grass, so I did.   Refreshing...messy...but it put a smile on my face.

I met a few of God's creatures in my backyard.  A couple of gray squirrels decided to come for a visit.

They were quite comical.  My husband greases the plant hanger that we use to hold our bird feeders and this makes it very difficult for these expert climbers to climb up and get into these said bird feeders....but that doesn't mean they don't try...

This little guy/gal couldn't take the sliding anymore and jumped to the ground.  I did put some of the much coveted birdseed on the ground for him/her and the feasting began.

Squirrels are so much fun to just sit and watch.  They do add much comical relief throughout the day...this morning was no exception.

A pair of male Mallards decided to join the squirrels in my backyard this morning.

They came for some birdseed, too, but also their morning slice of bread...

Of course, after such a nice spread...they decided to take a load off their webbed feet and crash for a spell.

                        Two little colorful boats on a sea of green.

There are colors everywhere at the Beale Bungalow.  Here are a few...

If you look closely you can see the bees and dragonflies that have a hankering for some nectar.  Lavender is a lovely bee attractor.  This plant always has a number of the softly buzzing nectar collectors.  I just love to watch them...

I am in a pondering mood.  This makes me seem sullen.  I have been told I walk around with a scowl on my face when in actuality....I am just pondering on my thoughts.  Thinking is probably my most abundantly used pastime.  It is NOT my favorite hobby.  Thinking just happens.  I have no boxes.  Sigh....

What am I pondering about?  HMMMM....My salvation through God's justification.  God's sanctification process in my life.  Why am I not more like Jesus?  Paul?  Lydia?  Dorcas?  Where does my passion really lay?  How is my walk affecting my son?  What does a "disciple" really look like?  Has everything that I have been taught and I have striven track?  

I am in several different "studies" if you will and they are beginning to clash.  I do not like "clash".  Everyone has their beliefs and opinions.  I am so tired of denominational differences, but I have to belong somewhere.  Being raised in the occult...then onto fundamental, a reformed evangelical attending a charismatic home whatever...(I have a hard time calling it a church with no man as a leader or overseer...).  This has produced inner turmoil.  I do not like "turmoil". 

So, I go to my husband for counsel.  "Is everything said and done in love?"  Yes, says I.  "Well?"     ????  That was the counsel of my spiritual head.  The Mormons, the Jehovah Witnesses, the Buddhists, the Muslims, the Harikrishnas, etc can say and do things in love, for Pete's sake!  

If I go to my church..I know that they will say...stay away.  If I go to this "meeting"...I know that they will say...follow God, but keep and openness for the working of the Holy Spirit.  What does the working of the Holy Spirit look like?  One teaches one thing--one teaches another--a third teaches yet another.  

Now, does this sit with this detailed oriented-left brained- fearful of being led down the wrong path-hard on herself woman?  Nooooooooooo...  I keep saying that I need a week to myself so I can spend time with God uninterrupted and chore free...sigh...  Pondering....not a comfortable thing where I am concerned.  I am not firm enough in my own beliefs to weather this churning oncoming hurricane.  I need to set down a tried and true anchor and harbor there and there only.  My brain hurts...