Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newton, Conn....

We ask why...
We ask where was God...
We feel shock, pain terror...

God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

I can't explain it.  I just know it is true.

If I didn't believe this truth...I know that I would probably kill, too.  I have had several reasons to be justified in this "probability" during my 52 years on this earth, but knowing God as truth prevents me from this terrible "probability". 

I am reminded of the Jewish baby boys, two years and under, that were killed in Bethleham after Jesus' birth.  Senseless...Rachael weeping for her children.  The feelings of the United States are the same feelings shared with Israel over that incident of the slaughter of innocent children. 

This Christmas, there will be Christmas gifts unopened.   Sadness will abound in Newton and other towns where families and friends of these babies live.  Yet, instead of sitting on Santa's lap...there are twenty children and hopefully 6 adults that will be sitting in the very lap of Jesus the Messiah.  

This is how I am making any sense out of this terrible tragedy; because of God's loving character is why I can say...God is good all the time and all the time God is good. 

My heart is still saddened, but I still have hope in Jesus...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Catch up...

I know that I have not been blogging as of late.  There are some very good reasons for my absence.  I have been experiencing the valley after the mountain top high.  Boy, it sure is an extremely long way down.....

I really tried to raise my daughter for the glory of the LORD, but since she has been eighteen...she has made some pretty poor choices and  has been experiencing the consequences of said choices.  With each telephone call with 'Restricted' visible I would shudder...what is it this time? 

My heart would break and I would immediately get an upset stomach with each tear and cry for help my beautiful, brown eyed, curly headed daughter would utter.  Oh, the pain!  There is no salve, no medication, no herb that can take away the constant pain of a mother's ache when her child is hurting and in trouble.   In the movie "Loving Leah" the mother of Leah made this statement.."A mother is only as happy as her saddest child."  I can personally attest to the truth of that very wise statement!

God is working and, as I tell my children, God does not work in 'onesies'.  (You the game Jacks.  God scoops up all the jacks and works on them all at the same time.)  He is working on my daughter and her and my family and in the lives of those who are truly praying for her.  I see His Hand of mercy and provision throughout this whole painful, draining experience.  Thank you Abba!!!

Since this whole mess...God has healed my marriage and made my husband a much stronger believer than before.  He has provided a FREELY GIVEN 2003 Honda Pilot for me!  He has healed my bitter and fearful heart in so many ways that it is hard for me to communicate this to whoever is reading this....He is paying for our Christmas..and this is without the third payday in the fall..AMAZING!!  He has given my little family a love for His Word and the desire to be obedient in a way we have never known...There really are too many blessings to mention that have occurred because of my daughter's crisis.  God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

It is looking like Christmas at the Beale Bungalow.  Devotions are so heart changing this year and all for about 4 dollars!  We are concentrating more on giving gifts to Jesus this year.  God has been so good to us that we know He would like for us to honor Him with gifts as well.  My son is learning that it is not about "him" but all about "Him". 

Some gifts have been bought and are getting wrapped.  Baking is beginning.  Parties are happening...but it is different this year.  God is really present in this year's Christmas.  I must say that it is making this festive season much more meanful and truly much more enjoyable!!

I know that trials and tribulations come...but...God is always in the midst of them and that is what today's blog is about.

Glory to His Name!!!!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friday relived...

Yesterday was a day that only the Holy Spirit could understand and relay my groaning, moaning and tears to the Throne Room of my God.  In other words....I was an emotional mess! 

I have not been sleeping well for the past few nights, so of course, I was tired; this always makes me vulnerable to my roller coaster emotions, never ending ponderings and unrelenting fears.  I was in the bathroom when I heard my husband come back through the front door.  He had already left for work.  Car trouble...yet again..

A few minutes later, I was drinking a cup of coffee at my dining room table and I was in no mood for the whining and the sighing coming from my husband.  This car thing has been going on for over a year now; though it has escalated since March...5th to be exact.  The ostrich needs to get his head out of the sand and do what is needed to be done.

One thing I do not like done to me is be touched when I am totally frustrated and headed for a melt down.  I needed to inform the ostrich that he was an ostrich.  I did not yell, scream or pitch a fit...I just informed the ostrich that his way of handling things was no longer acceptable.

Too many things in our life were broken and in need of repair.  The car--the back door leak--the kitchen sink sprayer--the hood over the stove--the kitchen overhead light--the fan in our son's room--our finances--our relationship with his children--our relationship with our daughter--his relationship with our son--our marriage of 30 years...all broken....all in need of repair.

Again, there was no yelling, no screaming, no pitching a fit...just an honest expression of the obvious....

I proceeded to get busy in the kitchen...I canned some Polish Dill Pickles then I worked out in my gardens.  All the while, I could feel the welling up of boiling hot emotions that I have been trying to keep stuffed deeply down in the hidden caverns and crevices of my soul. 

I despise hurting people, especially my husband.  He has a fragile sense of self worth and I get no pleasure adding to his "I can't do anything" mentality-that was carefully laid down before my entering into his life.  I have been dodging this mentality for all these years, but what good has this done him or our family?

After the work in my garden was done I decided that I needed to be alone, maybe some much needed prayer time, so off to my half painted bedroom I went.  I could not verbally pray!  All I could do is cry!  

There were no words that could or would fit what I was experiencing at the time...absolutely no words!  This was frustrating for me because words are important to me, but I could not communicate anything to my LORD.  I knew that He knew what I was going through, so I just continued to let my tears fall.

If I could just get it all out then I could feel better and function...this was my thought process at the time, but the crying then started to change!  Deep groaning was as if past pains and hurts were trying to resurface. When will all these horrid memories go away?  The past pain has nothing to do with my present turmoil, so why are these thoughts making themselves known, once again?  

I began screaming into my pillow...the tears were totally flooding my face, pillowcase and sheets.  It was hard for me to breathe--the pain was so intense.  With each exhale came more moans and screams...again, I could not even think of a word to say to God during all this.  Pain from my childhood started racing through my thoughts.  The beatings I took...the fears I felt...the words that I heard...the abandonment I endured....all came rushing back!  These thoughts were mingled with all my problem child, my weight gain, my slothfulness, my depressions, my complaining and critical heart.  Every sinful thought, every sinful act, every sinful disposition was present and accounted for.....

Germany, Washington, Tennessee, North Dakota, Virginia. All the things that happened in these Air Force stations came crashing out of the hidden caverns of my heart. The sexual, emotional, physical and mental abuse of my parents, teachers, even distant family and so called friends....decided to come and tarry with me yesterday.

As I was reliving this hell...I saw Jesus...bloodied and being beaten.  With each insult that was done to me...Jesus took a blow!  With each sin I saw me doing...Jesus took a blow!  My groaning and moaning took on a deeper if my gut was turning inside out! 

The beating of Jesus continued...I saw blood everywhere!  I could not see His face for all the blood!  He was on the cross, hanging there, bleeding, being beaten because of MY sin!  Because of others sins that was done to me!  I was so distraught at this point that I honestly struggled to breathe and yet the crying and the screaming continued.  When will this end!

 My sin kept coming...from my early aged sins to my present aged sins and Jesus just kept getting bludgeoned to death with each memory.  I found myself asking God to quit beating Him!  Stop beating Him!!  Don't hit Him anymore!!! 

I noticed my deep groaning and moaning became more like plain ol' crying.  The tears still flowed freely and my pillow was now totally soaked.  I could not nasally breathe because of all the crying.  I was hot and sweaty, but still crying....

It was at this point that I saw a plump, dirty,  filthy, bug infested, crusty eyed, bloody, bleating, matted fleeced, black lamb...caught in thorny vines and stinking mud.  I could tell that the little lamb had been struggling because it too, had bleeding gashes and sores in it's flesh.  This little lamb was entangled in the vines and mud, but too tired to wrestle against them anymore.  So, it just laid there in the pain and the muck, occasionally crying is calming down now.

As I focused on this pitiful lamb...I saw a beautiful, large, masculine hand reach down and gently pick up this poor, wounded, fatigued creature.  There was no sign of this hand or arm or chest trying to hold this lamb without getting dirty.  This hand now became two hands, two arms, lovingly caressing this filthy, smelly, exhausted animal. There was no more bleating crying was quietening now...

These hands and arms were attached to a body that was so big and yet normal size at the same time. Glowing. Clean.
White. Bright.  I just laid there taking in the sight.  I knew Who this was...Jesus!  My risen Saviour!! 

Jesus then started to turn His body away from me, but for some reason I was not alarmed by this at all.  I just laid there on my bed, hugging my tear soaked pillow, breathing more calmly and quietly.  Watching in my heart of hearts... the graceful rotation of my LORD's body.

Slowly the rotation was completed and Jesus stopped back in His orginial place.....right in front of me.  I looked up and saw a beautiful, clean, white, groomed, healthy lamb in His arms.  There was no more struggle.  There was no more blood.  There was no more bleating.  There was no more stench.  There was no more mud.  There was no more crusty eyes.  There was no more bug infestation. There was no more matted fleece.  There was  just a beautiful, clean, white, healthy, calm sleeping lamb in His Arms. 

I woke up later in the same half painted room feeling calm and knowing that Jesus took all my blows. He bled for me.  He suffered for me.  He reached down and pulled me up out of the muck and yuck and held me, caressed me, loved me.  Through His Loving Touch..He cleaned me up and calmed me down.  I woke up peacefully and so...... thankful.  I had an encounter with my God, my King, my LORD and it has left me silent because *now* there are no words to express my appreciation for what He took for me and what He has done for me.  I love with Jesus!

I had to write this down because I don't ever want to forget the images from heaven given to me in my deepest hour of need.  Jesus paid it all...  The sin that was done to me in the past, my sin that occurs in my present and my sin to come. Jesus has taken all my blows!!  Jesus Has Paid It All!!!!

I am still quietly basking in this Holy Experience.  May it never leave me....


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is it Thursday already?

Thursday....are you kidding?  It can't be!  I guess my dejunking the master bedroom has made time fly.  I seem to be throwing lots of old memories out...good riddance!  I actually have two completely empty drawers in the tall dresser.  Amazing...most of it went in the trash or the Samaritan House bag.  It is kind of funny how I hold on to things.

My computer room is embarrassingly full of stuff to be sorted, stored or given away.  I think this will be the final room to be done.  It has become my storage area throughout this whole process.

I don't think my shelves are going to be built in the laundry room.  Sigh...  If I save some more money...I can buy the wood and figure it out myself.  I don't think it can be but so hard.  Measure, mark the studs, cut and nail. Hm.... 

So, what is God teaching me this week.  Time management-obviously, but also about humility and forgiveness.  Time management is being taught through deep cleaning my house...I have 4 weeks to get my house in shape before our formal homeschooling starts up again.  Yikes!!

Humility--God, my Father, is teaching me this through a car that has stranded me twice now.  Yesterday, the police were involved....sigh...  One of the policemen, the older gentleman, said I needed to buy a new car.  (Portsmouth's finest--really?!)  I was practically in tears and causing a major traffic jam at London and Effingham at 4:10p.m!  Needless to say, some people were not so kind and I had to just sit or stand there and take it. Sigh.... The younger policeman, a true gentleman, got my car started and got me into a parking lot away from traffic.  Putting it in neutral was the key.   I left in silent tears...

Forgiveness--God, my Father, is teaching me this through my husband.  I was so mad at him because there have been signs of car trouble for a long time now.  If it is broke, fix it..
Oh well, my husband was very apologetic and I have to learn to forgive him of his many short comings.  He does forgive me my many short comings.  And God forgave us both!  Forgiving one another is not a is a command.

I have some more cucumbers!  I am going to make some Kosher Dill Pickles with these.  I can't wait to do them.  Maybe this evening....  I LOVE DILL PICKLES!

I am going to throw out the fermented pickles!  They are nasty...I will try again later.

Well, that is it for today. 


Sunday, July 29, 2012

The LORD's Day...

                            Have a wonderful LORD's Day!

Friday, July 27, 2012


This Friday has been a day of lots of small jobs.  It is way too hot to do any gardening, do I got busy inside.  :)

I only have one more load of laundry to do and I will be done for the week.  YIPEE!!  I shouldn't mind laundry because this gives me a great opportunity to pray for my husband, my son and myself...but...I do get tired of doing the folding!  This is the worst part of the whole job as far as I am concerned.  There are some days that I will not even start another load of laundry until the last load is hung or folded.  Today is one of those days...but only one more load. \o/

I had some tomatoes that had to be canned, so I did....

I think they are so pretty with the basil floating in the jar.

Spiced Pickled Pineapples came next.

The Pineapples are really yummy and I got that from my husband.  He loved the few that didn't make it in the jars.

During all this, my husband was teaching my son how to use an electric sander.  My laundry room shelves are now\sanded and ready to paint.  Now, I need to pray for the other shelves to get built, so I can expand my storage for both the laundry room and my kitchen.  These will also give me more room for canning goods.  Well, shall see.

Next on the agenda is to clean up my kitchen mess and then hook up the converter box so my husband can watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony.  I am sorry that I really don't care for the olympics anymore.  I loved them when I was a kid. 

Anyway, I am off to get busy.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A refreshing day...

This has been a refreshing day thanks to my friend, Marianne.  Just to get out of the house and then to be treated to lunch on top of that was magical.  Thank you, again, my friend.

I rested and chilled out for awhile then my husband came home with the news that the car did not want to start.  It started, but it supposedly didn't want to do so.  I just sat quietly and prayed.  "Well, tomorrow I need to be off and take the car to Newport News to get fixed.  We need our car."  Thank you, Father for convincing him of this.  If there is something else wrong...maybe we didn't need to buy a new battery...oh well.  It is what it is.

I am not going to allow this to bring me down today.  I had a wonderful day and that is what it is.  :)


P.S.  As a I was naming this entry...It occurred to me that to refresh a page on the Right click on the mouse and then choose "refresh".  It is done almost instantly.  Are we so techy now that we think we can "refresh" ourselves in an instant?  There is a great deal of sorrow and suffering in everyone's daily lives.   It takes time to "refresh".  It is NOT just a click away....sigh....

~Psalms 23:1-6~

The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,

He leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my soul.

He guides me in paths of righteousness for His name's sake.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil, for You are with me;

Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life,

And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.


Maybe I need to dwell in this Psalm for clicking here.....


Monday, July 23, 2012

Discouraged, but still His...

Monday....yes it is. 

When I woke up this morning I was totally discouraged.  Yep!  I was discouraged.  I said a short prayer and put a load of laundry in the washer.  Oh...that's not what you do when you are discouraged...hmmmm...well, that's exactly what I did.  The light colored load to be exact.  Maybe getting something clean will help me feel less discouraged.  Cleaning something usually does....but not today.

I did some sorting through and straightening up the house when I heard the bing! of the washing machine.  Light colored clothes....I wish I had a clothesline, I do not like my things and some of my husband's shirts in the dryer. Well, I will put them on hangers--then go outside and hang them under my picnic table umbrella.  It should not take them long to dry.

Cucumbers.  My friend, Julie, wanted 7 pounds of cucumbers...let me look...yep!  The vines are loaded, so I picked.  It must have been a God thing...almost 7 pounds!  I think she will have enough. 

As I was sitting there at my old gray friend staring at this huge limb that needs to be removed...tears started to fall.  No boo hooing was done...just silent tears welled up and fell down my face on to my work tee shirt.  For a little while I thought about the goodness of God and why was it not here at the Beale Bungalow.  An occasional sob escaped, but I was able to stay in control. 

Control....what a ridiculous word!  What an unattainable concept!  Is God truly sovereign?  This week's Sunday School lesson came rushing back into my thoughts.  I believe He is, so I just need to buck up, put my big girl pants on and move ahead.  The tears are now streaming down my face...

Today was the first time in a very long time that I wished my parents were still alive.  Even with all their faults, sins and abuse. I just needed them to hold my hand and know that everything will be alright.  I do not have this in my life and I haven't had this for such a long time.

I, personally, just need to hold someone's hand that is strong... for me...not me for him.  This sounds childish maybe, but I am tired of being the strong one...the one with all the answers...I want to hold someone's hand...that I can trust... 

Okay, I will call my only sibling.  Just to hear his voice will encourage me and let me know that I have a connection on this planet from my original family....No answer.  Figures. As I sat at my old friend wiping away my tears with the still damp bottom of my hanging old purple Walmart shirt...I truly felt alone...and I was scared.  I cried silently out to God and tried to listen for His voice.  

My phone rang...It was my brother.  "Hey, sis, did you call?"    "Yeah, I just called to tell you that I love you and to hear your voice."  "Perfect timing!"  "What's wrong, Ronnie?"  Knowing that this question would not allow me lean on him, and of course I was right.  He poured his troubled heart out to me and I tried to encourage him with sisterly love and affection.  We hung up, him feeling better, me feeling even more oppressed.  "LORD, I cannot fix him.  Nor can I meet his needs.  That only You can do...Just love my little brother, LORD.  Show him the way to You."

Gathering up the cucumbers, I slowly headed to the house.  I need to bless someone...I will call my friend.  I wanted to fix her and her family a meal because her husband was having surgery.  It was good to hear a friendly voice.  Okay, meal plans set.  Breathe, Sharon, just breathe.  God is good.

Oh, call Julie!  "Yes, I have your cucumbers.  Good, just give me a call before you come and I will have them ready for you."  (While I was thinking about my sweet pickles still soaking in their syrup...need to can them this afternoon.)

Feeling a little better...God must be here somewhere.  Oh, time for another laundry load shift.  Folding, hanging, putting away, all part of my day.  Whites this time around. 

I have Bible study tomorrow.  Chapters 7 and 8 need to be read.  Okay, LORD, show me something today in my reading....great.  Paul in jail, singing songs and Your praises.  Okay, deep breath...I am sorry Lord...Please forgive me for doubting You.

Lunch done, reading done, laundry continuing--dark clothes this time around. " My your chores.  I told you that this was going to be a work day for us...thank you, I appreciate your obedience.  What?  No, Honey, Momma's okay.  Let's just get our work done."  Breathing is becoming somewhat easier now.

As my son was doing his chores I began mine.  Vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, mopping the floors, getting the jars ready for canning pickles....time was slowly moving along.  I noticed an occassional smile on my face.

Canning time.  The Beale Bungalow had the acidic aroma of sweetened vinegar wafting though each room.  Seven quarts done.  No more sweet pickles needed this year.  I am all stocked.  This was definitely a positive accomplishment. 

Julie is here...why is my young neighbor, Rachel mowing my front yard?  Returning a favor? A short sweet visit.  It was nice. heart feels lighter..."Are you sure you want to do this...It is really hot and I have a son that can and does do this.  You don't have to pay us back...that was not our intent.  So you enjoy mowing the lawn, sweating and turning red as my canned tomato sauce?  Thank you, are really sweet." is too hot to really cook.  I have been over the stove with the hot jars, hot water, hot pickles, hot syrup, hot soapy water....BLT's tonight. Simple...not too terribly hot.  Sandwhiches...I was raised on them... comfort food?

Now, supper is done, laundry will be finished in the morning.  The jeans can wait until then.


God, You got me through this day....How are You with torn two story tree limbs.



Sunday, July 22, 2012

The sky continues to fall....

I went to put an empty creamer container in the recycle bin and look what I saw!!

I am sure glad that we bought a chain saw with the last limb that just got picked up by the bulk trash man this Friday.  Oh well, I knew that the limb's days were numbered, but I was hoping for a few weeks so I could save up the money to have a company come in and take it out properly.  Sigh...

There is one blessing in this...

The limb and it's debris barely missed my butterbean raised bed.  No damage to my garden at all!!  Thank you, Abba.

I think I am going to spend some time in the book of Job today, and try to listen to God's still small voice. 

It sure would be nice if we had a wood chipper!  Gee, I could pile it up in the back of the yard and in a few years have some wonderful compost!!

God is still good!


Saturday is gone and Sunday is here...

This is the LORD's Day, and I should be resting, but instead I have cucumbers that needed to be put in lime water...done.
Laundry that needs to be done...not done.  A house in definite need of cleaning...not done.  Hmmm...

I will be canning some tomatoes this afternoon though.  I think they may be 1 mm past ready, but canned tomatoes don't care about such details. I also, finally, have my pineapples so I can make some pickled spiced pineapples.  I think I will do this tomorrow, along with the pickles.

My fermenting pickles are doing well....I think.

The first, second and third day.  The cloudiness is the yeast forming to keep down the bacteria that cause spoilage.  I will put them in the refrigerator this evening or tomorrow depending upon taste.  I have had one yesterday and it was delicious, so today may be the cold storage day. 

Yesterday was a grocery shopping day.  I managed to save some money on a few sales, but all in all....I need a food budget raise!  Good grief!  The prices are ridiculous!  Now, if I bought all the processed premade boxed stuff...I would probably save money with all the coupons, but I don't buy that stuff. Sigh...I need a raise, that is all I can say.

Change of subject...what are my plans for the week.  Well, Lord willing....can pickles and pineapples, finish cleaning my room and have it ready to paint by Thursday and hopefully painted during the weekend.  If I am truly blessed...I can have it painted BY the weekend.  This is almost laughable because of all that seems to occur with the Beale family. Oh well...I can only plan and hope and pray.

I am planning on going to church today and enjoying the corperate worship of the Son.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Frustrating Friday.... :(

Let me see...I cannot even remember the beginning of the week....oh yeah...Nothing much happened at the beginning of the week.  It was calm and sort of normal.  Tuesday..I was just tired.  Wednesday, took my son out to lunch and let him spend some hard earned money that was burning a hole in his pocket.  Thursday, the limb fell and punched a hole in our shed roof and Friday, my car battery died at Azar's in Norfolk off of Colley Avenue.  Yes, the week ended without a didn't even turn over!!

My friend Marianne came to my rescue and my son ended up having a learning field trip...He learned how to jump a car battery!!  Thank you once again, Marianne.  My husband ended up coming home and  buying a new battery.  He was told that we will need a new alternator before winter sets in.  So, I get to start a new envelope!  Sigh....

Anyway, when I got home I felt as though the wind was taken out of my sales.  I just vegged at the computer for a bit.  I don't mean to complain, but a great deal has happened in 2012!  I keep thinking each year will get better, but alas, it (so far) is not to be.  I am learning there are many ways to suffer....Sighing once again.

Oh well, God is good all the time and all the time God is good! 

At least my garden is producing and I am able to pickle to my heart's content.

I have even more tomatoes on my other countertop.  Anywho, the bowl is full of dill seed which I used today.

I am trying my hand at Fermented Dill Pickles.  I love Kimchi, which is a fermented cabbage dish from Korea, it just makes sense for me to try this, too!  We will see how it goes.

I am not going to can these because the canning process would kill all the good bacteria, so I will just be leaving this out on my counter top for about three days then refrigerating them. They are suppose to be good for a few months once they are cold.  I really to like the benefits from the lacto-fermentation process!  Good for the bowel!!

There seems to be an oppressive feeling about the Beale Bungalow this evening.  I do not think I will ever celebrate the coming in of a new year ever again. I will not lose the sleep, because this has been a tough one.  Sheesh....  I think I am going to go in my room and pray this oppressiveness away and get my guys out of the house for awhile.  29 is sadly, not a haven of rest at the moment.  This will change after some time in prayer and God's Word.  His Word is so true...."Unless the LORD build the house, they that labor, labor in vain."  Psalm 127:1 

Today, I found a quote by Corrie Ten Boom and I posted it on facebook.  It was-

                            “When I try, I fail. 
                                 When I trust,
                                 He succeeds.”

I think I will write this one down and post it anywhere and everywhere my poor husband can see it!  He needs a good ol' pick me up pat on the back!  Who better to give it than Corrie Ten Boom!  We certainly aren't going through what she went through!  I also think I will couple that with some John 15 verses.  My husband should relate now that we have two grape vines growing out back. 

Oh well, talk is cheap...let me go and get on my knees....


Thursday, July 19, 2012

The sky did fall....

I feel that this summer is getting away from me.  I had so many plans and only a fraction of them have been accomplished.  Frustrating to no end! It isn't that I am not trying--things just seem to happen that get in the way. 

Yesterday, for example, I was going to finish deep cleaning my room.  I was at the computer when I heard a muffled thudding.  I felt the floor shake.  I thought...gee, could my son have fallen out of bed?  I  Could there have been a fender bender out front? I  So, bewildered as I was, I returned to the computer room... let me just check out back....and HELLO!!

One of the largest limbs of an old tree in our backyard decided it had enough and fell to the ground...that, of course, was the thud I heard and felt.  It was about 35 to 40 feet long with an 8 inch diameter.  Not much damage though.  Praise God!  Just a broken plastic chair, a slightly damaged "free" picnic table and a puncture hole, about the size of a softball in the roof of our shed.

I called my husband and he came home from work.  Our deductible is $500 on our home owner's insurance policy, so we opted to buy a $200 chain saw and fix everything ourselves.

                        Job well done by the Beale Boys!! 

My son would have rather played with his new air soft pellet hand gun than work with his dad in 100 degree heat.  After a little reasoning--he was very cooperative.  I think he had some fun, too!

Looking out at the yard this cannot even tell that anything happened yesterday.  We do have to repair the hole in the roof of our shed, but my husband is thinking of just putting a vent there...good idea, I think.

Canning also has prevented the deep cleaning from getting done. It takes a lot of time preparing the food for canning.  So, I guess things will get done when they get done.  Sigh....

I have been pondering many things, too.  Schooling options, marriage, suffering, detachment, canning, unfinished projects...My brain sometimes hurt. 

I also have read a couple of cute books.  The Fiddler, by Beverly Lewis, and The Half Stitched Quilting Club, by Wanda Brunstetter.  Cute...

I am working through a Bible Study book...that I cannot even remember it's name.  It is on the book of Philippians.  It is convicting, especially with the inner turmoil that seems to be brewing within me this summer.  Though I must say, I really do not like summers, but this one is not as bad as the others.  Chuckle, chuckle....

Well, I have a dental appointment today and I have laundry to finish...


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Have car today...will travel...

I've got the car and my son and I are going to go and have a day out of the house!  We are ready to be away from number 29.  We're somewhat bored and need a change, so off we will go.  Where?  Hmmm....if I know my son, and I do, we will end up somewhere where he can buy a new BB gun. 

Last evening he and my husband went to a gun safety class at our church.  This has sparked his interest about having a new gun.  His has been broke for a long while, so I know that Dick's or Bass Pro Shop will be on the agenda....sigh...  A mother's gotta do what a mother's gotta do. :)

I will probably just let him pick the places, but I am sure that he will be a gentleman and let me go to some places I enjoy, too.  Although it cannot be but so much fun for him to go to JoAnn Fabrics, Trader Joes, Michael's, farmer markets and I am really not going to press it this time.  He has no one to play with this week, so mom has to step up to the plate.  That is what mom's do...of course, none of this will happen if his chores are not completed. Training comes first.

Yesterday, he helped me in the kitchen.

I had enough tomatoes to finally can some tomato sauce, so he helped stir while I did some other chores.  He looks thrilled, don't ya think?  Teehee... I believe it is important for him to know how to can and preserve food, so I have to train him in some of these "domestic arts" least that is my goal.  I think the results of this domestic art lesson turned out quite lovely.

My son has more responsibilities than usual this summer, but this is a good thing. He helps watch children at my biweekly Ladies Bible Study and he is taking our neighbor's English Bulldog puppy outside a couple times a day.  Both of these are paid positions.  Now, I need to train him that just because you have some money...does not mean you have to spend it all!!!  How can two misers give birth to a spender?  Amazing!

Well, that is it for now...


Monday, July 9, 2012

Rainy Monday....

We are having a lovely rain storm here in Hampton Roads!  It comes complete with rolling thunder and an occasional "light up your life" flash or two or three...  I don't even mind that it came after I watered my garden using city water that I must pay dearly for...sigh...

My spirit or mood has been as gray as the sky has been.  There seems to be no energy in any of my cells.  A great weight of unknown origin or of multiple origins has perched itself upon my very soul.  I have even felt it's talons tighten to the point of despair, but then I hum Jesus and the talons seem to loosen.  I think I will continue to hum and pray for the rest of the day.  I do not like oppressive spirits and it has to flee...

Anyway, nothing much is getting done today.  I have already talked with my husband so he doesn't expect to much when he comes home.  I will eventually get involved in something, but for now I will hum.

The rain is slowing down and the sky is getting lighter.  This was a fast moving storm.  Maybe it will take my melancholy with it.  That would be nice.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

A peachy keen day....

Good morning all!  I hope everyone is braced for another hot day!  To me, this is end of August second least favorite month of the year.  (February is my least "est" favorite month of the year.)

I am asthma coughing up a storm this morning, but I had to water my garden and sit outside for a bit.  It wasn't that bad this morning, but it is going to be 100 degrees with a heat index of 110 degrees.  Yikes!!  Water everything well.

It has been busy around the Beale Bungalow these past few days.  We had a great Fourth of July at the Nansemond Swim Club.  Swimming (in bathtub temperature water), hotdogs, hamburgers, fried chicken, baked beans, pasta salads along with an array of liquid beverages were to be had by all.  The conversations were wonderful, too.  It was nice to be out of the house and doing something different for a change.  I really enjoyed myself, as did everyone else, I am sure.

The fireworks show was spectacular!!!  Better than Norfolk's!  Every time I thought I was watching the finale- it would start up again.  I do believe there were at least 4 possible grand finales in this show.  Not bad for a little place called Eclipse!!  

The next day, a friend asked if I wanted to go to an organic fruit and veggie place at the beach.  I said yes and off we went.  I bought nice clean peaches and some non-gmo corn.  This was a very nice outting and I thank you, my friend.

Friday, since there was no coffeehouse, was committed to canning peaches.

Canning peaches is as easy as pie. 

As many peaches as you want to can....halved, skinned and pitted...
Make a syrup.  I usually make a light syrup for everything.  This would be 4 cups of water to 2 cups of sugar.  I add a tablespoon of lemon juice to mine to help peaches keep their lovely reddish orange color.

Heat the syrup.  Pack peach halves-pitted side down in clean mason jars.  Pour in syrup up to 1/2 inch headspace.  Wash mason jar lip off, place heated seal and ring on.  Process in a water bath for about 20 minutes.  (I use cling free peaches and quart jars, by the way.)

I then went on and made some Peach Jam.  Another easy one!

10 cups of chopped, skinned and pitted fresh peaches
4 cups of sugar (The original recipe called for 5 cups of sugar, but I used 4 cups of organic sugar from BJ's and they were plenty sweet.)
3 Tablespoons of lemon juice

Place them in a pot and mash them up with a potato masher.  If you want chunkless jam--you might want to run them through a food processor or a Vita-Mix.  We like chunky!  Add the sugar and lemon juice and cook it until it slaps ya!  About 25 to 30 minutes.  Stirring constantly when it thickens.  P.S.--I put a little ground cinnamon in mine this time.

Now, you should already have your jars cleaned and in the canner boiling.  Fill the hot jars with the jam.

Place on the seals and rings after wiping the lip of the jar to free it from anything that would hinder a good seal.  Place the filled jars back into the water bath and process for 10 minutes.

The results are not only beautiful colors of summer freshness, but tasty, too!

I still was able to do a load or two of laundry, vacuum and mop the Friday was Productive!  With a capital P!  Needless to say, I slept very well last night. 

So, what is the agenda for make chicken salad, bake bread and freeze up some corn...maybe even do a little shopping this evening.  It is going to be tooooo....hoooottt to be outside for their any indoor project I want to work on?  :)


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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Two Hour Tuesday...

Today is a Two Hour Tuesday.  I haven't had one in a while.  This is when I see my husband for about two hours.  He goes to his men's prayer group on Tuesdays and my son and I are alone. 

So, what are we doing on this once in a while Two Hour Tuesday.  Well, my son is over a friend's house playing and he is 1 hour and 15 minutes late checking in.  The Child Training Bible will be used when he arrives home.

This is a wonderful!  First, I will pray for kindness before talking with him.  Then I will go to the "Disobedience" tab or the "Not Listening" all the scriptures that have been highlighted.  I always do a little explaining along with the reading.  Next, Jesus examples...questioning his understanding and then pray.....  This usually leaves my son in such a repentent state that I just let the Holy Spirit take over.  This is a fantastic --train the heart of your child--tool.

Anyway, the rest of the day was chopping, laundry, vacuuming and making supper. 

I made my Sweet Pickle Recipe.  Here is how I did it...

4 cups of finely chopped cucumbers
3 cups of finely chopped celery
1 cup of finely chopped green bell pepper
1/2 cup of finely chopped red bell pepper

So, I chopped and chopped and chopped...

Next, I placed all the chopped veggies into a large bowl, covered it all with cold water and 1/4 cup of salt.  This will set for 4 hours.

After 4 hours...I drain all the veggies.  Do not rinse off the salt, but press all the liquid out.

By now, I have my mason jars washed in soapy water with a small amount of clorox, rinsed well and boiling in my canner.

In a separate pan...I use my jelly pot...add:
2 cups of white distilled vinegar
3 1/2 cups of sugar
1 Tablespoon of celery seed
1 Tablespoon of mustard seed 
(I usually add a little extra)
Bring this mixture to a boil while stirring to dissolve the sugar.

This is the way it should look.  It is sweet!  When the unrinsed veggie mixture is added...the sweet and salty seem to just balance out.

Add the veggies and simmer for 10 minutes.  Then pack into clean jars, leaving 1/2 inch headspace.  (I always wipe the lip of the jar with the rag I washed them with.  This has just a small amount of clorox for disinfecting and making sure nothing will hinder my seal.) 

Then place seals and rings on the cleaned filled mason jars and place them back into the canner.

Finally, lower the rack back down into the hot water and bring back to a boil.  Once the boil is achieved..process for 10 minutes. 

 Carefully remove the jars from the water bath and let cool on a towel covered surface.  Listen for the "POP!" of the lids.  This means they have sealed.  Sometimes, I don't hear a seal, but the lids do not give when pressed...this is another sign they are sealed.

I doubled this recipe, so I got 6 pints and a quart of syrup for the next batch.  Yummy!! 

Well, that was pretty much my day other than watering the garden--having a small meeting with a friend about food for an upcoming youth fundraiser--cleaning the bathroom and folding clothes.  A simple day, really.

Oh! and I learned a few things about "community", but that is for another time.