Saturday, July 27, 2013

Curtains, curtains, curtains...

Today I finished a project!!!!  I finished my bedroom curtains!  Simple, but new, fresh and clean! 

Yes, they are simple, but I like them.  I like them so much that my entire house is going to be done in these simple panel curtains.  Different colors and patterns, of course, but in this primitive style.  I have three rooms already done...

Here is my painted and clean bathroom.

I have yet to make my shower curtain, but the monochromatic color scheme makes my bathroom look a bit larger than it is.  I have other material I am going to make for curtains here, too.  A colorful floral, but this curtain will do for now!  :)

My computer room was in complete disarray prior to my step daughter's visit.

It has since been decluttered and rearranged a bit.  I also made the primitive curtains out of some material that I already had....I think it looks much better.

Tons of paper, books and junk went out the front door in trash bags for the dump and boxes to a home school book store to be sold.   The room actually has an echo!  :)

There is still much to do around the house, but I do believe a nice large dent has been made.  I was hoping to get the entire inside of the house painted by September, but I don't know.  Painting takes time....lots of time.  We will see....

My husband and my son has worked hard this morning mowing and edging the lawn.  It was nice a cool this morning so it wasn't so unbearable for them.  The house has been vacuumed and I am getting ready to cut up some peppers from my garden.  I am hoping to get to BJ's today and maybe to Home Depot.  Tomorrow is the LORD's Day and I plan on getting some must needed rest! 

Have a great day!

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