Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is it Thursday already?

Thursday....are you kidding?  It can't be!  I guess my dejunking the master bedroom has made time fly.  I seem to be throwing lots of old memories out...good riddance!  I actually have two completely empty drawers in the tall dresser.  Amazing...most of it went in the trash or the Samaritan House bag.  It is kind of funny how I hold on to things.

My computer room is embarrassingly full of stuff to be sorted, stored or given away.  I think this will be the final room to be done.  It has become my storage area throughout this whole process.

I don't think my shelves are going to be built in the laundry room.  Sigh...  If I save some more money...I can buy the wood and figure it out myself.  I don't think it can be but so hard.  Measure, mark the studs, cut and nail. Hm.... 

So, what is God teaching me this week.  Time management-obviously, but also about humility and forgiveness.  Time management is being taught through deep cleaning my house...I have 4 weeks to get my house in shape before our formal homeschooling starts up again.  Yikes!!

Humility--God, my Father, is teaching me this through a car that has stranded me twice now.  Yesterday, the police were involved....sigh...  One of the policemen, the older gentleman, said I needed to buy a new car.  (Portsmouth's finest--really?!)  I was practically in tears and causing a major traffic jam at London and Effingham at 4:10p.m!  Needless to say, some people were not so kind and I had to just sit or stand there and take it. Sigh.... The younger policeman, a true gentleman, got my car started and got me into a parking lot away from traffic.  Putting it in neutral was the key.   I left in silent tears...

Forgiveness--God, my Father, is teaching me this through my husband.  I was so mad at him because there have been signs of car trouble for a long time now.  If it is broke, fix it..
Oh well, my husband was very apologetic and I have to learn to forgive him of his many short comings.  He does forgive me my many short comings.  And God forgave us both!  Forgiving one another is not a is a command.

I have some more cucumbers!  I am going to make some Kosher Dill Pickles with these.  I can't wait to do them.  Maybe this evening....  I LOVE DILL PICKLES!

I am going to throw out the fermented pickles!  They are nasty...I will try again later.

Well, that is it for today. 


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