Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Making Progress....

Yeah!!!  I am beginning to feel that I am making progress in my goal for painting the inside of the Beale Bungalow!!!  :) 

Today, I put my kitchen back together and it looks so much better since I am able to store many appliances in my laundry/storage/pantry/mud room.  I actually did not want to cook in it tonight, but of course, I did.  Anyway....

I am so very tired, but I am going to continue on painting and cleaning.  Sleep comes easily to me at night now.  I am  too tired to think, so off to dreamland I go as soon as my head hits my pillow.  The funny thing is...I still wake up tired.  :(   I know that when my painting is done...that will probably change...hopefully....prayerfully...

So, some pictures.  First--my laundry/storage/pantry/mud room. 


Yes, it was so sad...  I just lost interest in really cleaning.  Plus there was black dust coating the walls which made
 painting extremely difficult.  I had to cut in three times just to cover the unwashable black dust!  It was a mess.  :(  

Nice and clean.  I am going to make curtains for this room and the kitchen, but that will be after I finish all my painting.  Did you notice how I hung all my mops and brooms?  PINTEREST.COM!!  We had a straight rake that broke and I cleaned it--hung it--and filled it with brooms, mops, fan dusters, my Webster and such.  I am happy!!
The kitchen was next.  Going up and down the ladders has pulled all my posterior leg muscles, but today I am resting and they are feeling better.  Anyway..
I don't have many before pictures, but take my word for was a dirty mess.  Black dust!! 


Nice and clean.  Once again...I will be making new curtains for the kitchen, but after all the painting is done.  It is so nice to have cleanliness and order in part of my home.  I just sit and look at it and sigh with complete satisfaction!!  I despise painting, but it does look nice when it is done!  :)

I know that I have three rooms and a hallway to go, but I am only concentrating on the next room.  That would be the dining room.  I am going to pick up the paint tomorrow and hopefully get started.  Reality will be just buying the paint and prepping the room.  I can paint on Friday and Saturday.  Two rooms in one week....SWEET! 

My son is going on a Youth Discipleship Retreat this weekend, so I can get a lot of work done.  My husband is going to be doing the lawn...hopefully, but will probably be inside helping me....

We, as a family, went out to eat with our grandson this past Tuesday evening.  He is going to be sixteen this month and travels the rails of Italy by himself.  He and some of his buddies went to Rome (which is an hour and a half from Naples by rail) and they noticed that the train was packed.  They didn't know what was going on and so they decided to follow the crowd.  The crowd went to Vatican was then that the boys noticed the white smoke and knew there was a new pope.  He was there when the new pope spoke.  He said that he is Catholic, but thought it was cool to be there listening to the new head of the Catholic Church.  He has story after story like this.  He just attracts adventure!  It was so much fun listening and sharing a meal with him.  He returns to Italy this Saturday.... 

Well...that is it...   :)

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