Thursday, October 10, 2013


This is one bleak, gray, wet day! 

Yep...out front looks bleak, gray and wet.....

Out back looks bleak, gray and wet, too!!!   It has been raining for two straight days now and I think I need to see some sunshine...  :)

Today is the type of day that I have a hard time getting started, especially since I am in a funk kind of a mood.  I once again am experiencing *failure* feelings.  Aish....I am ready to make a brain off button!  :)

It is strange how I read all the books on child rearing, child training, child education and I can't seem to experience the successes that these books seem to communicate.  I am so glad that I have stopped reading them, but when I read something that I really enjoy and believe in it is hard for me to forget their words.  Books are a good thing and a bad thing too. 

I am now 53 and having these *failure* feelings, so I doubt that they will ever go away.  Oh well....when the sun comes out soon ... I think I will feel better and type more positively.



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