Saturday, February 4, 2012

There are times when one just has to stop and re-evaluate ones's life. This is the purpose of this blog. Writing or blogging has, in the past, been very cathartic and healing. I am hoping for the same results and pleasure with this new little blog of mine. What this blog will develop into I have no idea, but whatever it becomes, I pray that God will direct it and be glorified.

Life has been somewhat difficult as of late, but Love Boundaries have been drawn and now re-evaluation has begun. I do believe that when I write out my thoughts, prayers and the dailies of my life-I seem to learn better from God so that I may serve Him better and with a purer motive. I just to better with visuals...

It seems that I have a great deal more "dying to self" and "death of a vision" (better stated "death of my expectations") work to be done. So, this is where I will journal this journey. My little place of refuge-my little workroom for my soul for "Making the most of what God has given me."

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