Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring has finally arrived....

Spring is FINALLY here in the Tidewater Area!  Not only is my backyard showing proof of this yearly and God ordained season, but so is my asthma.  (It has been pretty bad for the past few days...this too shall pass.)  Anywho, my mint plant has returned and I can just taste a nice cup of mint tea in my foreseeable future. also helps the asthma...

It took me days and days to weed my seven raised beds.  I can blame some cold and rainy days in part for the slow progress.  Plus, bending over really wrecks my back.  The last day I did two beds and I am still paying for it!

See how nice they look.  I have planted trombocinis, yellow squash and onions in this first bed.  The next two have corn.  The fourth will have pole green beans, yellow squash and carrots.  Number five will have bell peppers and onions.  Number six will be planted today with tomatoes, and finally number seven will have pole lima beans, zucchini and carrots.  I planting pumpkin in my front garden as soon as it gets bigger.  I am kind of thankful that we have had a long cold snap in the weather.  This has allowed my surgical knee to heal and get ready for some hard work.  If this year progresses as last year...we are in for warm weather all the way to December.  Therefore, I am not too concerned about putting in my plants this late in the season.  It will be nice to watch the transformation of these seven beds throughout the season.

It appears that my compost bins have become potato bins.  I really hate to disturb them to get to my lovely compost below these plants.  Oh well, at least I should have some lovely red or yellow or russet potatoes soon.  :)

There are little blueberries on my blueberry bushes.  They are small and not too plentiful.  At this rate...I can start canning my "own" fresh blueberries when I qualify for Social Security.  Hmmmm.....

All and all things are looking pretty good in the Beale Bungalow Backyard.  I am still trying to get some fruit trees and I want to plant a container herb garden somewhere.  Plans in the making are a good sign that the winter doldrums are subsiding.   :)

Things have been pretty rocky around here since Mother's Day.  I had a complete blow up with my husband.  I am totally tired of being an after thought.  I have the tendency of holding my emotions in and not expressing my true feelings.  I don't like confronting my husband because of his already fragile ego, but all this flew out the window on M. D. ! 

I became so angry that it took me by surprise!  I mean I was fired up and ready to shoot!  Knowing that #1-I didn't want my son to hear his parents fight and #2-I had to get away from my husband----I grabbed my purse, got in my car and sped away like a rat fleeing a sinking ship!  I drove for a little while until I could actually speak...called my husband and thirty years worth of muck, yuck and pain came flowing out of me that I could not seem to speak fast enough and I know that my husband could not hear fast enough either!

I was livid!  I was hurt!  I was fed up!  And I was making these facts known.....loudly....very loudly!!!!!

So, things are a bit tense around here.  My husband is doing what he always does...sticking closer to me than my underware! and being very quiet.  This was not what I wanted but I knew this is what I was going to get.  Leopard's cannot change their spots!  So, I am trying to figure out what to do next.  I was thinking about going to a hotel for the weekend, but I can't.  My god dog is coming and I am not losing out on seeing him.  I need some time to get my spirit back under the Holy Spirit's control.  Right now I am just seething....doing what every woman in my life is doing...seething.  Sigh....

Something bright and wonderful did happen this week.  My son accepted Jesus as his LORD and Saviour!!!  It happened at the youth group he attends on Friday's at a friends church.  (I do not believe this wonderful experience would have happened at out church.)  He heard a small voice tell him to become a Christian and be with Jesus.  When my son returned home and he told me...I started crying and so did he.  He went into his room and cried his heart out to the LORD and emerged out of his room a different and glowing person.  He told everyone at our church this past Sunday.  I know that I have one of my children totally in the Kingdom of God.

My daughter was raised in a Christian home, but I believe she has head knowledge only.   The fruit of her life is proof enought for this.  She is doing better though and calling me again just to talk...I know God is working in her--in more ways than one.  She sounds better than she has in two years!  I am indeed extremely thankful for this blessing!  Truly, truly I am!!!!

There is a great deal going on here at the Beale Bungalow, but I am sure it is the same in every household and home everywhere.  I am saddened about my husband's inabilities, but I am thankful for a son in the Kingdom and a daughter feeling better and hopefully healing and heading for a Kingdom Encounter herself.    "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:14.  This is truly my desire...

Change of subject---after I finish getting my gardens planted--I am going to take a break and do something not so strenuous.  I am going to make my bedroom curtains!  This will be fun for me!!  :)  I might even prepare some of my extra quilt squares for framing.  Creativity is creativity--whether inside or outside.  Outside creativity, I view as creative work.  Inside creativity I view as fun, so I am looking forward to some fun next week!  :)

I do want to share some pictures of an new tenent in our backyard....

A male woodpecker has been diligently making a home in our old dying tree.  He has been at this for days!  He will peck and peck and peck then he will clean out the hole by using his beak to collect the little pieces of wood and toss them out of the hole.  My number 6 and 7 garden beds have a little more composting material than the other beds.  It has been fasinating to watch.  I am amazed at the diligence and endurance this little fella has.  

Well---that is it from the Beale Bungalow. 


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