Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The past two days....

These last two days have been very nice and productive.  Productive being the operative word--this is what makes it nice in my book.

I have done the house work, yes, but I have also enjoyed being out of doors, as well.  Four of my seven veggie beds are weeded and ready for compost and seeds!  YES!!!  The work has been great for my post op knee.  The bending and stretching really loosens it up and this is just an added benefit to being outside. 

I have really really loved being out in my backyard with my son helping me.  This has given us an opportunity to talk about worms, dirt, plants, work ethic and godly manhood.  He is surely growing into a man hourly! 

I have been reading General Douglas MacArthur poem that he wrote his only child, a son.  It is called "Build Me a Son".  This is such a great teaching tool from a godly father to a much loved son.  From a top General that has seen war to a much loved young boy.  From a believer in Jesus to the heir of his name and line.  Therefore, I am gleaning many seeds from this poem and planting them in the heart of my son.  I so want him to truly be a man of God.  This would make my joy complete if my son and my daughter and grandchildren would live for the LORD of LORDs!  

Okay, next....I am reading a book that is truly convicting me on marriage and family.  I am loving it though.  I seem to be seeing things more clearly the past two days and I am truly thankful for that.  When I finish the book I will give a review on it and tell all, but right now it is like a sweet secret that God is sharing with me.  Sigh....

Today, when my son and I were taking a break from the weeding...we were listening to the Bible that he has downloaded on his iPad.  It was the event when a gentile woman came to Jesus and wanted her daughter healed from and oppressive spirit.  He told her He was here for the Jews and didn't want to give bread to the dogs.  Her reply, which was stated in great faith, "even the dogs eat of the crumbs from the master's table".  Jesus healed her daughter because of her great faith. 

I then prayed the same to Him for my daughter.  My heart was immediately lifted and peace flooded all over and around me much like the breezes of the day.  Then I realized that I should be content with the crumbs from the Master's Table.  I have eternal salvation.  I have a new identity.  I have a purpose.  I have every promise God ever made....all because I belong to my Heavenly Father, through the work of His Son, sealed with the Holy Spirit.  Crumbs.  Holy crumbs.  Crumbs from His Table.  I believe my daughter is healed.  Crumbs....oh, just give the crumbs from His Table. 


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  1. :/ the storms we had here in N.Texas really took a toll on my potatoes.