Thursday, January 30, 2014

Quiet .....

Snow is lying quietly on the ground.  My husband is sleeping off his cold in his chair.  My son is in bed with an aspirin on the back of his throat. (A tried and true way of warding off a sore throat.)  All the laundry is done.  The house is straight.  Nothing actually needs to be done at the moment, except for schooling lessons.  All is quiet in and at the Beale Bungalow. 

I have been pondering my purpose for today.  All of the above, plus--prayer.  Praying for friends that just need to be told by God that they are loved.  Praying for friends that need to be freed from bondages causing them and their loved ones so much pain.  Praying for jobs, healings, guidance, strength, patience, traveling mercies and so very much more.  I think this is my purpose for today....

Oh, there is much that I could be doing....schooling my son, sewing my dining room curtains, sewing a wall hanging for my mom, reading a couple of new books, studying God's Word...but here I sit...listening to my husband's non labored breathing, thanks to a dose of Dayquil and wondering if I should be more productive today. 

It is cold and wet outside.  It is warm and dry inside.  Maybe what I am experiencing at the moment is contentment.  Ahhh....sweet contentment.  It doesn't come around much, but when it is welcomed with opened arms and a warm heart.  \o/

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