Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A determined day...

When I awoke this morning I was determined to be super productive.  As many of our forefathers put it...I was highly resolved.  There is just so much to do and only a certain amount of time in which to accomplish everything...I had to get moving.  I just want a dejunked, cleaned and painted home before schooling starts in the fall. 

Anyway, up with the heart of the Proverbial Woman on steriods...I commensed to work my list.

After getting the bathroom scrubbed and fresh towels hung-and starting laundry; I noticed some apples that were not getting eaten.  My family will only eat apples when they are super crisp and these were getting somewhat soft, so I thought applesauce would be a nice addition to our supper tonight.

It is amazing how some apple chunks heated through with a small amount of water, organic sugar, vanilla and cinnamon can make your house smell like!  Better than any high priced potpourri could ever be. 

I don't understand how we...who never go anywhere...can generate so much laundry.  I did five loads today and I have one more to do tomorrow.  There are only three of this just dumbfounds me.

I want an umberella clothesline, but this is not quite what I had in mind.  Neccesity IS the mother of invention.  This is what I have, so this is what I used. 

I must say that it did work and I have some sweet smelling air dryed shirts.  I will keep using this until God provides me with a real clothesline.  (and He will)  

My son dusted and I vacuumed.  It was a team effort on that front today.  I cleaned off my diningroom table which tends to be a catch all for paper and such.  Papers multiply on me.  I don't even know where it all comes from.  So, a great deal of paper trash went out today.  Yippee!!!

I really got into my bedroom this afternoon and started the deep cleaning.  It felt good to get rid of the built up dust and dirt.  I have zoned each section (it is really bad)! It will probably take a week or two just to get my bedroom done.  I really don't mind though.  As long as there is progress toward my goal...I don't care.

I decided my 22 year old copy of my mother-in-law's Sweet Pickle recipe needed recopying.  This is a much used recipe. Can you tell?

There was lots more laundry to do...I have been doing it all day it seemed, but it is nice to have a full drawer of dishcloths and dishtowels. I use them much much more since I have limited the amount of paper towels I use.  Ah...clean of the simple pleasures of my life. :)

When I did stop to take a break I found myself thumbing through this time of years preferred reading material.  I have the desire to really can this summer.  So far, I probably have enough recipes chosen to can that not only would fill my shelves, that have not materialized yet, but my computer room as well.  I have high hopes in this area.  We will see what God does...

After finishing the housework and supper, my husband and I like to sit outside in our backyard.  My husband is not a talker, but sitting outside somehow brings the "talk" out of him.  It has become a pleasure for me to sit at our very grey and weathered old friend (our picnic table) and enjoy the sight and sounds of the evening and a little conversation, too.

As the evening shadows works it's way across our yard we listen to the birds and usually watch the two mallards that always visit us for birdseed and stale bread. 

My son, who did his share of work today came out to join us this evening.  He loves archery and is pretty good at it, too.  I still don't understand what he has against my old dying tree; it is loaded with arrow holes!

None of his friends were home today, so having us watch him and his antics was good for him.  My son loves the one type of comedy I cannot stand...SLAPSTICK!  But I have to hold my tongue and enjoy him and his version of this destorted comedy form (in my humble opinion) because he finds so much fun in everything by playing around...all the time!  Tonight, he was a hoot though. 

So, the house was cleaned.  Deep cleaning started in my bedroom. Laundry almost completed.  Kitchen and bathroom both scrubbed.  The diningroom table is once again a diningroom table not a waste paper basket.  A wonderful evening with my guys.  Lots done and even more to be thankful for. 

   Thank you for giving me the determination to work...really work today.  Thank you for all that was accomplished.  Thank you for fresh smelling shirts and clean sheets.  Thank you for Your bounty and all the recipes to use them.  Thank you for a peaceful evening outside with the men that You have given me.  Thank you for everything today.  Most of all...thank you for Your Son, who by His obedience and death on the cross...has allowed this short, wide woman to become Your daughter and realize that all that I have comes from You.  Thank you for allowing me to do the work that You ordained for me to do today.

                                                           In Jesus Name, Amen

Good night....Sharon

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