Friday, April 19, 2013

A dream day....

Today has been a dream for me!  I have totally enjoyed my son, my god dog and my home.  It is really bewildering how one day is just glorious and another day is horrible.  Today has been the former and several days this week have been the latter.  Strange...the weather has been good, the chores are the same, but there was a joy surrounding me and indwelling me today that made everything just flow effortlessly.  :)

I started the day kissing my husband good bye and then turning around and looking at a home in complete disarray.  I was not going to let myself get down about it....I just started in straightening the house and putting things away where they belonged.  I wanted my laundry done for the weekend, so I got a load started after I changed my sheets.  Now, my husband and I have a nice clean bed to comfortably sleep in this weekend. 

I think there is nothing better than working hard all day, taking a nice cool shower (on this hot day) and then sliding in between nice, crisp, clean sheets...ahhh...

I decided to head to the was in a bad way, too.  I scrubbed and cleaned the sink, counters and stove so everything shined.  It was nice to have the kitchen all by myself this morning. 


                    Even my fruit seemed happy to me.

I did see something kind of sad in my empty cookie jar.  Gee, I thought, I wonder if my guys would like see that filled?  So....


before I knew it--The Beale Bungalow--was smelling sweet and delicious!  The outcome...a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies for my husband and a smaller batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my son! 

            My cookie jar and friend looks happy now!!

My son was a dear and served his dad by mowing the lawn today.  We are supposed to get rain and the grass would be harder to mow this next week.

My son got it all done and now he and his dad can relax this matter what kind of weather comes our way.

We have one of my god dogs for the weekend. Lucy.  She has been so good! 

Well, my day continued smoothly.  Schooling lessons were next.  We are down to some language arts and math material that I want to complete.  All even went well in this department today.  My son has spring fever to the point I think HE is pollinating all over the place! I said..  all went well today.

The laundry continued and now my basket is totally empty!  This is good because I am the one that does not have enough clothes to get through a weekend let along a whole week.  I am glad this is not a worry for me for the next few days.

The house was dusted-the floors vacuumed and mopped.  The bathroom scrubbed and scoured.  I even got some more books and Cd's priced, packed and placed in the back of my Honda to deliver to our church on Sunday.  There is going to be a big youth fundraising yard sale next week!  I have plenty to donate....believe me!

I put a ham in the oven on low to warm and slowly cook all afternoon.  The Beale Bungalow smells so good right now.  I think it looks pretty good now, too.

This has been a glorious day for me.  I have gotten so much satisfaction making the home that my husband is paying for--that my son calls home and my grandson calls "Grandie's!!" nice and clean and orderly.  I still have some hot spots to get to but that is for another day.  Today was day for me to get my "Suzy Homemaker" on....and I loved it!

Thinking about all that has happened this week in Boston, in Texas, and other places around the world...I just wanted to make the piece of God's world that I am responsible for  It is not perfect, but I know that my family believes this is the perfect place for them.  And today knowing that---makes me quite contented...


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