Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I am glad yesterday is over....

Resurrection Day is over, yet everyday is Resurrection Day for the follower of Jesus! 

This is a wonderful, blessed truth, and I totally believe it....but the day after a holiday, any holiday....I sink down...way down.  I think it has something to do with just being tired.  Holidays, 100%, fall on me, and it totally wears me out.  So, needless to say, yesterday was not a good day for me.

I woke up and everything seemed okay, but I made a mistake in my scheduling.  I thought I was getting these bothersome stitches out of my knee.  I woke my son up and we rushed off to my doctor's office only to find out that my appointment isn't until Wednesday.  Bummer!  (I actually had a physical therapy appointment at 2 p.m. with stitches intact.)  :(

Okay, back up and regroup.  I was not starting schooling lesson until Tuesday, so my son and I went on to 17th Street Surf Shop and bought his skate board.  I don't do baskets at Easter, so my husband and I decided to get our son a gift card.  He has been wanting a new skateboard, so we put a sum of money on the card and he would have to pay whatever went over that sum.  Needless to say, our son was thrilled with his Easter gift and gladly put in the remaining amount to purchase the board he wanted.  (I also explained by putting up a portion of the money he would be more satisfied and realized that nothing comes "free".) 

I do believe that our son had a great time picking and choosing the board, trucks and wheels.  He got exactly what he wanted.  Every now and then he would look to me for approval...I would just smile and say it is your board not mine (Thank you, Abba!!) and he would have to foot the final bill.  So, the decisions were his and his alone.  The dread locked gentleman that waited on us was so very nice.  I was watching him and I noticed that he kept looking at my son...then I realized that he realized that my son was different.  Slower than the average 15 year old and definitely conversationally awkward.  What I admired about this salesman...he treated him with respect and talked with both of us, not just me.  This made me feel much better and I will go back to this shop.  :)

We then ventured over to BJ's and we did some grocery shopping.  This is where I noticed a problem....my leg was getting really tired.  It was like it didn't want to move--at all!!!!  I became worried and really wanted to head for home.   My son, who was anxious to try out his new board, had no objections to cutting our outing short and going home.

After the groceries were put away....I ended up taking some pain medication and resting on the couch until my PT appointment.  While I was resting...my thoughts started wondering and I found myself in a funk.  Tearing up prior to having my knee painfully bent is not a good thing.  Prayer flares went up...tennis shoes went on and before I knew it I was out the door and on my way.

Therapy went quite well...my knee is getting stronger and more limber.  The therapist thought that my Birkenstock shoes I always wear were causing my leg to be sluggish.  Not enough posterior support...so, I am going to have to go and buy new shoes.  (For the average woman this would be a great pleasure , but for me...a drag....I despise shopping.)  I haven't bought anything for myself in so long....I have no idea where to even begin.  I guess I will have to count on my friends for help in this area.....sigh...

Anyway...as I said my therapist was so very pleased with my progress that he sent me home to ice my own knee.  :(  I was hoping he would put that icing compression wrap on my leg again.  I really loved that!  I could have "danced all night" after having that treatment, but alas, it was not to be....home I went...for a date with my old blue/gray ice pack.  sigh....

I needed to veg out some...."The Hobbit" fit the bill.  I just sat with my trusty old ice pack on my knee and my friend's dog at my side and watched this movie.  My son was outside on his skateboard, of course, and I was inside trying to not be so down. 

Since I was not in the most festive of moods I decided that I would try a new recipe for supper.  A casserole of course...I didn't want a bunch of dishes to clean up afterwards.  I think the fitting word for this is "Laziness".  Yep, I wanted to be lazy, so I found this little recipe and it was actually good.  My husband gave it a 10 on a scale of 1-10.  My son said 10, as well, but I don't think he really liked it much.  He was just trying to boost my morale.  I thought it was sweet of him at any rate.

Here is the recipe:


1 pound of hamburger-browned and seasoned

2 cups of grated potatoes

2 cups of cooked corn


That is it....now...I added onion and browned them with the hamburger.

After the hamburger is browned...cover with the grated potatoes.  On top of the potatoes....spread the cooked corn.  Then cover the whole meal with cheese.  I used American cheese slices, but you could use any cheese...sliced or grated of your choice and availability. 

Cover the skillet with a lid.

Put the heat on low.

Simmer until bubbling in the middle occurs.  About 20 minutes.

Tahdah!!!  That is it.  A complete meal in one skillet. (Next time I make this I will add a side salad or fruit, just for a nicer balance).

It was so easy and quick!

Well, that was my day...Everything really went well, it was just that my mind was focused on what I didn't have instead of what I did have.  Shameful!  I figured it out by the time I went to bed.  When my thoughts get like this...I have a hard time fighting them, because the thoughts are all true.  I just don't know how to either change the reasons for these thoughts or to die to the reasons of these thoughts.  Hmmm...

So, today I am up and moving.  There are wonderful homey things on my to do list today.  Schooling lessons, laundry, straighten house, vacuum, weed one garden and maybe plant a couple of plants.  There will be more therapy for me this afternoon then another simple supper.  At least the sun is shining and the air is fresh and clean.



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