Thursday, May 24, 2012

My lovely Thursday...

I think the sun is kind of shy today.  It will peak it's warming yellow face out when the lingering clouds of Tropical Storm Alberto allows.  We had rain last night, so everything is damp to wet.  I know the states with the forest fires would like some of our wet stuff.  I am praying they get some.

I have been working on my laundry room this afternoon.  I am taking a break so I can actually breathe!  I cannot believe how I have let housecleaning get away from me.  Actually, it didn't go anywhere....I am the one who ran away from it!  Or slept away from it...oh well, everything is on the right track now.  (I am thinking of going out and buying me a rose for continued inspiration.)  ;)

You know it is time to can again when all you have are these on your canning shelves.....

That is it!  One jar of Italian sauce, one jar of whole tomatoes, two jars of basil tomatoes and two cans of sweet pickle relish.  Not much to last the winter, I'd say.  I have 20 pints of freshly canned strawberry jam that I did a couple of weeks ago, but they don't count yet!  I think I am going to go and get a few more strawberries next week and freeze for smoothies and such. 

Schooling with my son went fairly well today.  He is having trouble with word problems.  Thinking words through does not come easily to my young man, but we will keep plugging along.  His reading is doing a bit better.  I do believe it is because I have severely limited his computer gaming time.  He is out of doors more getting good exercise and vitamin D.  We are going to continue to school throughout the summer.  He needs it and I like being able to take a guilt free day off if I or he gets a notion to do so.  :)

This evening we are going to our church's community garden.  We have put in a Back to Eden garden.


This picture is from the can actually watch the whole film on  Anyway, this evening we will be harvesting and planting.  There is virtually no watering and no weeds! 

You first lay down newspaper, four sheets thick, where ever you want your garden...make sure it gets a lot of sun.  Then put down some good aged organic compost...about 6 inches thick.  The third and final step is to put down some wood chips that has been chipped with their green foliage still present.  This layer should be about 4 inches thick.  There you have it. 

All you have to do is pull the wood chips back--plant your seeds or seedlings--water initially.  If you planted seeds...don't cover until seedlings are up, otherwise, cover and let God do His Work.  I believe the key is good organic aged compost and the wood chips.  The chips absorb water when it rains...prevents over watering.  Then when the garden is releases the water into the compost.  It is like gardening in the woods with all the leaves, fallen limbs and such .... decomposing and feeding everything around.

BLT's tonight after tending the community garden.

Those are the plans.  :)


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