Saturday, May 12, 2012


Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  In my flesh, I am dreading it. 

You see, on March 24th I called my daughter.  Her husband has been just diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome along with a Traumatic Brain Injury (PTSD and TBI).  They have always had a very rocky relationship.  He was to have some test results on the 23rd, but when I called on that Friday...she did not pick up her phone.  I called the next day..Saturday.

My daughter did pick up but all I heard was screaming and pleading from her.  I panicked and ended up calling the police. I am in one state she is in another....this took a little time.  She finally got on the phone and I told her not to worry...we were calling the police.  She went ballistic!!!  Somehow, everything became my fault and how dare I get involved.  She said she didn't need me and once again, everything was my fault.  I was in shock!!  After very calmly telling her to to go to her husband she hung up and we have not spoken since.

My daughter was raised to respect her parents.  My daughter was raised to be a godly woman and mother, but she has made some poor choices in her adulthood and now it seems to be all my fault.  The Blame Game....

50 days and no phone call.  Tomorrow is going to be rough.

God, please help me through it.  I never knew how much it hurts to be so numb inside.  I do believe You are in control.  I do believe You work everything for our good and Your Glory.  I do believe You will replace what the locust have eaten. 

I am asking for a genuine smile tomorrow.

                                  In Jesus Name--Amen

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