Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend...

This weekend has been nothing like I envisioned.  Sigh...

It did have its high points though.  I went to my friend's son's graduation.  He looked very dignified up on that platform in his black graduation cap and gown.  He was homeschooled all his life and this was not only his graduation, but my friend's, too.  It was a lovely ceremony. 

We had nice cookout with another dear friend and her family.  It was delicious!  Good friends, good foods and good conversations...a lovely afternoon.

I did not get the chance to work on my laundry room this weekend.  I am supposed to be dejunking, but I feel as though I am just junking up my home.  I am still trying to talk my husband into making me some shelves in there....I saw him measuring so I believe he is going to make them (just not in my timing).

How do you like my compost bin potatoes?  They are volunteers, of course, but they grew well!  My neighbor kind of tickled my funny bone when he asked me if we were going to eat them.  "Yes, they are actually healthier than anything you buy in the stores."  He had his face all in a wrinkled expression showing his "not quite understanding how organic gardening works" stance.  His response, "Whatever...."

The dirt all around the potatoes was pure worm castings with a little decomposing grass mixed in.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I am going to compost my garden with it this week.  My garden is growing and I will have some squash and zucchini in a few days...

Well, that is all about my weekend.  Do please take a few minutes today and thank our Heavenly Father for our country and those who have died protecting it.



  1. A lovely weekend and.....sigh - not like I envisioned either.

  2. Ahhh,thx Sharon. You are so right. We both graduated in a sense. I can now say I have my license to homeschool to the finish! lol.