Saturday, January 19, 2013

Beautiful music, a cup of tea and my thoughts...

I am sitting here at my dining room table listening to a musical piece by Antonio Bertali, sipping on a cup of hot Earl Grey tea in my favorite mug and thinking about everything I have to do.  I have sooooo... much to do that I become paralyzed and unable to do anything.  It is much easier to sip on tea listening to relaxing music than tackle the mounds of work that I see needing done around me. 
Now, this does not mean that I will not do the work...oh no.  The work will get done--just not today.  It is Saturday.  A day that I need to get some errands done and spend time with my husband.

I used to love lists.  I made lists for everything.  Budgets, schooling lessons, book lists, daily chores, groceries, errand itineraries, etc.  I think I will return to my lists.  I just don't want them to rule my life like they once did.  If I didn't complete the entire list for that day...I would feel like a failure.  I do not need to return to that scenerio at all.  So, I need to come up with a flexible list that I cannot make into an idol.  Just something to keep me on track and observing my progress through all my piles of books, papers, and unneeded items. 

I really don't have to dejunk, clean, repaint, redecorate the entire house in one day.  I just know that I function better in organization than in junky chaos.  It seems that even my thoughts flow more freely within an organized and clean environment.  I am sooo... not a free spirit.  I sometimes wish I was, but God did not make me that way, so now that I seem to be getting back on tract with my walk and life...I need organization.  Sigh...

I have some fairly big plans for my gardens and backyard this early spring, summer and fall.  It would be nice to get things done in the house before I head outside.  If everything is done inside then I can concentrate on the outside.  I am excited about that!!!

Surfing the web this morning, I was able to find a few good suburban homesteading sites.  This has perked my interest even more!  :)  Since we don't seem to travel anywhere...these ideas are being formulated into plans and I am hoping they will be glorious tribute to God, blessings to my family, friends and neighbors, teaching tools for my son and a way for my husband and I to work together.  I will keep you posted...

So, today's family blessings have already started...beds made, house straightened, budget made, supper planned and shopping itenerary now made.  I might throw in a new movie for tonight and some fresh baked treats.  This is going to be a lovely day...God is good.

I am still praying for my daughter and if anyone reads this please pray for her, too.  She needs a *strong godly older woman* to mentor her.  That is my prayer for her at this time.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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