Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Forced rest....

Well, I have messed up my right knee.  I have no idea what I did to it, but it hurts.  I am rotating heat and ice along with sitting with my leg propped up.  I am viewing this as a forced rest.  I am choosing to relax and not do much so my knee can heal.  I don't really know what from, but heal none the less.

Schooling can be done while I am forced to rest.  My son is really good at doing his studies when I am not at my best.  I suppose that is a strength of being a true *mercy.  This is his spiritual gift.  I used to think of it as a weakness for my son, but I have come to realized what a strength and a blessing his gifting really is.  Times like these he is all sympathy towards mom and that is a good thing.  :)

Another activity I can do sitting down is reading.  I just wish I had something really great to read.  I have a couple of books coming tomorrow from Amazon.com.  They are two books written my Mrs. Sharon White.  She writes a blog that I have enjoyed greatly and I just decided to buy her books.  I identify with her in a few areas and I know these gentle reading books will be a comfort and an inspiration for me.  I need both of these at this time. 

I am planning on having a simple supper tonight.  Potato and Ham soup with a spinach salad on the side.  I will not have to stand much to fix the soup.  All the preparations can be done with my leg elevated.  Check this off my list.

Tonight is my husband's men's prayer group at church.  I think if my knee will allow-I might go to a ladies group.  My son will spend his evening with friends, so Tuesday is shaping up to be a fine day.  God is good.

I think I am going to read some of my bible and rest until it is time to prepare supper.  Have a great day.



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