Thursday, July 19, 2012

The sky did fall....

I feel that this summer is getting away from me.  I had so many plans and only a fraction of them have been accomplished.  Frustrating to no end! It isn't that I am not trying--things just seem to happen that get in the way. 

Yesterday, for example, I was going to finish deep cleaning my room.  I was at the computer when I heard a muffled thudding.  I felt the floor shake.  I thought...gee, could my son have fallen out of bed?  I  Could there have been a fender bender out front? I  So, bewildered as I was, I returned to the computer room... let me just check out back....and HELLO!!

One of the largest limbs of an old tree in our backyard decided it had enough and fell to the ground...that, of course, was the thud I heard and felt.  It was about 35 to 40 feet long with an 8 inch diameter.  Not much damage though.  Praise God!  Just a broken plastic chair, a slightly damaged "free" picnic table and a puncture hole, about the size of a softball in the roof of our shed.

I called my husband and he came home from work.  Our deductible is $500 on our home owner's insurance policy, so we opted to buy a $200 chain saw and fix everything ourselves.

                        Job well done by the Beale Boys!! 

My son would have rather played with his new air soft pellet hand gun than work with his dad in 100 degree heat.  After a little reasoning--he was very cooperative.  I think he had some fun, too!

Looking out at the yard this cannot even tell that anything happened yesterday.  We do have to repair the hole in the roof of our shed, but my husband is thinking of just putting a vent there...good idea, I think.

Canning also has prevented the deep cleaning from getting done. It takes a lot of time preparing the food for canning.  So, I guess things will get done when they get done.  Sigh....

I have been pondering many things, too.  Schooling options, marriage, suffering, detachment, canning, unfinished projects...My brain sometimes hurt. 

I also have read a couple of cute books.  The Fiddler, by Beverly Lewis, and The Half Stitched Quilting Club, by Wanda Brunstetter.  Cute...

I am working through a Bible Study book...that I cannot even remember it's name.  It is on the book of Philippians.  It is convicting, especially with the inner turmoil that seems to be brewing within me this summer.  Though I must say, I really do not like summers, but this one is not as bad as the others.  Chuckle, chuckle....

Well, I have a dental appointment today and I have laundry to finish...


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