Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday is gone and Sunday is here...

This is the LORD's Day, and I should be resting, but instead I have cucumbers that needed to be put in lime water...done.
Laundry that needs to be done...not done.  A house in definite need of cleaning...not done.  Hmmm...

I will be canning some tomatoes this afternoon though.  I think they may be 1 mm past ready, but canned tomatoes don't care about such details. I also, finally, have my pineapples so I can make some pickled spiced pineapples.  I think I will do this tomorrow, along with the pickles.

My fermenting pickles are doing well....I think.

The first, second and third day.  The cloudiness is the yeast forming to keep down the bacteria that cause spoilage.  I will put them in the refrigerator this evening or tomorrow depending upon taste.  I have had one yesterday and it was delicious, so today may be the cold storage day. 

Yesterday was a grocery shopping day.  I managed to save some money on a few sales, but all in all....I need a food budget raise!  Good grief!  The prices are ridiculous!  Now, if I bought all the processed premade boxed stuff...I would probably save money with all the coupons, but I don't buy that stuff. Sigh...I need a raise, that is all I can say.

Change of subject...what are my plans for the week.  Well, Lord willing....can pickles and pineapples, finish cleaning my room and have it ready to paint by Thursday and hopefully painted during the weekend.  If I am truly blessed...I can have it painted BY the weekend.  This is almost laughable because of all that seems to occur with the Beale family. Oh well...I can only plan and hope and pray.

I am planning on going to church today and enjoying the corperate worship of the Son.


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