Monday, July 2, 2012

My weekend...

Friday evening, a tremendous thunderstorm rolled through our area.  It seemed to stop right above our home to unleash it's high winds, pounding rain and bright lightening displays.  I enjoy most rain storms; I do believe I am so fond of them because my daddy loved them.  He would be outside, if possible, just sitting under something watching as the storms passed.  Friday's storm was a wonderful show from the Almighty.

I didn't sleep well though....I coughed and coughed all night!  So when morning came I just wanted to be left alone to enjoy my coffee.  After some time to myself, I ventured outside to sit with my husband and enjoy morning as it played out at the Beale Bungalow.

We had our usual morning visitors...squirrels and birds, but they were in rare form this a.m. 

The squirrels were all over the place.  I counted 7 between the bowl for them and the bird feeders.

The birds came in multiples, as well as, one at a time.  It really was fun to watch God's feathered creatures trying to get at the birdseed.  There are two birdfeeders, but all seemed to prefer the wire one for their breakfast.

The squirrels on the other hand preferred the second feeder!

I had an agenda of chores that I wanted to accomplish on Saturday, but my husband had his own set agenda.  DEFROST MY FREEZER!!!  Now, this was going to be no small task.  Remember...I have been in a depression for a few years...routine chores did not get done.

Need I say more?  Defrosting the freezer that lives out in the shed definitely was not on the priority list.  Well, Saturday it was!  And it took all day to defrost.  My guys moved it outside where the heat could defrost it without our help.

We finally took my hair dryer and finished it off! 

It has been defrosted, washed inside and out and returned to its swept place in the shed.  Ahhh...I am so glad my husband wanted this job done!!!

I worked in my garden this weekend.  Weeding, hoeing and harvesting.  With the rain we have been having and all my composting I do believe my gardens are going to be just fine.

I love my "covered wagon" trellis!  I do believe that I am going to make more for next year's garden.  I totally butchered my oregano plant, but it seems to be okay.  Does anyone need oregano?

This morning my stomach has been in knotts, but I am beginning to feel better.  God is good and He is not only in control, but the ONLY answer...I only just my daughter and her husband would realize this. 

So, as usual, out to the garden I go.  This morning I tied up my tomatoes. I use cut up old panty hose for my ties.  I came up with a way to not have anything in my hands while I weeded and tied.

All I have to do is pull the cut hose stips from the slip knot loop that my wrist goes through and tie!  My hands are free to do whatever needs to be done!  "Making the most of what God gives me" stikes again!!  :)

Lots of good food was found!  I am going to be doing some real time canning soon.  My lima beans are coming in and I saw (and ate) my first green bean this morning!  I am glad that my tomatoes are coming in...I plan on canning as many as possible...tomato sauce, diced basil tomatoes, whole Italian tomatoes, etc.  So, Sharon, Sharon, quite contrary...How does your garden grow? Fairly well, thank you Abba!

Today, I will be doing the usual routine...laundry, vacuuming and dusting.  I am also planning on making some more Sweet Pickle Relish, hopefully I can go ahead and make a double batch.  Then I can move on to the Green Tomato Mincemeat recipe that I would like to try.  All in good time.  I am still deep cleaning and dejunking my bedroom, so that is also on my agenda for today.

Well, I had better go fold some towels and continue with the work that God has given me to do today.



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    1. Thank you so much. My garden gives me great exercise and good food to boot. Have a blessed day in the LORD.