Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 2...

Day 2 of spring cleaning was right on schedule.  I got up and started right in on my housekeeping chores and spring cleaning.  While I was cleaning out one of my kitchen cabinet and listening to the washer running...I realized that it really didn't matter how long my cleaning is actually enjoying the process while knowing the results will come.  Then it occurred to me that this is a truth that can and should be applied to everything I do.  Cleaning, cleansing, homeschooling, marriage, parenting, painting, gardening, crafting, working, name it.  For me...this was a profound realization.  God is with me everyday, in every way, for my benefit, but more so for His Glory.  If I would just sit back and enjoy the process instead of getting overwhelmed with the to-do list...the jobs will get done; the results will be His and He will be glorified!  FREEDOM!!

Anyway, my spring cleaning is continuing.  I did two more cabinets...

My baking cabinet is now free from sticky honey and baking sugar residues...  I could not believe how many items in this cabinet were way out of date.  Some by three years!!!  I have good intentions to do all this baking and when I don't get around to it I forget what it was that I was going to bake and hence, outdated products. 

Under my sink is going to change...I am going to buy a heavy duty shelf rack to go into my laundry room, so many of the items here will be moved there.  With sequestration, I am planning to make all my the look of things will change.  I am also planning to buy a smaller trash can and put it under here.  This will make more room in my kitchen.

So, one third of my kitchen is done!  Yippee!!

I was able to do a couple loads of laundry, vacuum the front of the house, homeschool my son and make a delicious soup for supper. 

This is Sausage and Potato Soup.  It is relatively easy to make and my husband gave it an 8!  When I try something new I have him rate it on a scale from 1-10.  If it is a 7 or above I put the recipe in my notebook for remake.  If it is 1-6..I usually don't make it again.  No sense in wasting my time for a meal that no one really likes.  Anyway, here is the recipe.

-3 large russet potatoes-diced to 1 inch
-2 cloves of garlic-diced smaller that 1 inch (I used 4)
-1 onion-diced
-1 cup of half and half or heavy whipping cream or milk
-3-4 slices of bacon fried crispy, cooled and crumbled
-1 pound of sausage (any sausage will do)
-2 cups of chicken broth or bouillon cubes
-kale-chopped about 3-4 ounces worth

-wash and dice veggies
-put veggies, broth and 4 cups of water on stove, simmer for about 20 minutes (or until potatoes are done)
-while all that is simmering, in a heavy skillet fry bacon until it is very crispy, cool and crumble....set aside.
-after the bacon is done-fry up the sausage until done.
-back to the simmering potato pot: when your potatoes are done, grab your potato masher and mash about 1/2 to 3/4 of the potatoes.  Leave some chunks-this will make a chunky soup base. 
-add the bacon, sausage and whipping cream
-simmer until everything is nice and hot

Like I said this was delicious.  I am not a pepper fan, but adding just a little pepper to my bowl of soup was perfection!  Let me know if you try this recipe and if you tweaked it in anyway!

So, now on to the juicing...I failed!  I know that after two days--detox had already started.  When I detox I get extremely tired.  I mean so sluggish that walking is hard.  This was beginning--I NEED to spring clean my house.  This is not only for my family's well being, but also for my mental, emotional and spiritual health.   To quote Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility... “Give me an occupation, Miss Dashwood, or I shall run mad.”  I definitely know how this feels!  I have to do this, therefore, I am putting off my heavy juicing until later.  I am planning on juicing one meal a day though.  I will gradually increase this when my spring cleaning decreases.  So---there it is.

Yesterday was so productive!  I cannot wait to what is done today!


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