Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 4...

This morning I awoke about 1 a.m. with a tremendous neck ache.  I get these often especially if I dream.  My dreams are usually intense, so I tense up at night and wake up with jaw and neck pain.  Anyway, ibuprofen and a wheater heater took care of the pain, but I had to stay on the couch.  This is bad for my 4 a.m. I was pain free and went back to bed.  Though I was thankful for the sleep...I overslept.  I find this irksome.  I am a morning person and I get a great deal done in the early morning hours.  sigh...

I took a shower.  A hot short shower.  Sequestration is creeping into everything I do; it is forever on my mind.  Anywho, I had a date with my CHG's at Panera, so off I went.  We all had a great time talking and fellowshiping with each other.  At 10 a.m. we all departed.  Refreshed and refilled.

When I got home my son was up and tried to do some of his schooling lessons, but was having trouble.  We did some of his lessons and then the day totally got away from me.  This always happens when I take a break to be with my friends.  It isn't that I had pressing appointments.  I just could not get my head in working order.  That is okay husband will be glad that I am home waiting for him no matter what the house looks like.  He doesn't care if I don't get all "my" agenda done; he just wants me here when he walks through the door. 

I decided to relax a bit and concentrate on the process of spring cleaning....not the time schedule.  There ISN'T a time schedule...that is the funny part.  There really isn't a time schedule at all.  I have no one coming for a visit.  I have no special event to host.  There will be an appliance repair man coming to fix my oven, but that will be when I say so...  Why do I feel that I need to accomplish so much stuff during the day? 

I did get the little cabinet next to the exhaust vent and the corner counter space cleaned.  I really did enjoy the process!  Throwing out expired things and ridding the area of dust and grime.  It was quite nice to see this little cabinet all organized and shiny clean.


While I clean-I ponder, pray, think and God speaks to me. Not during my cleaning, but afterwards.  Empty, wash, rinse, dry, refill.  That is all I am doing...or is it? 

"Empty, wash, rinse, dry and refill.  Isn't that what I do with all my children, Sharon?  I empty them of their sin.  I wash them clean with the blood of Jesus, my son.  I rinse them with my Holy Spirit.  I dry them with my breath of life and refill...ohhhh.  This is where their free will comes in, isn't it?  Are they going to refill their clean spirits and souls with My Word or the world's ways." 

"Now, to personalize this for you, Sharon.  Refilling the shelves of your heart, soul and mind is largely dependent on your obedience, isn't it, my daughter?  Renewing your mind, abiding in Me, walking by faith....refilling...the final step in your cabinet cleaning; it is an important step in your relationship with Me, too.  I have given you everything you need to live a godly and abundant life.  Lean on me...learn of me...lend your heart, hands, feet and mouth to me and your life will be filled with all things true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable and excellent.   Phil. 4:8" 

"Empty, wash, rinse, dry and refill...yes, it is a process.  Even spring cleaning Your kitchen cabinets can be used to teach you divine truths and bring Me Glory..."


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