Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 9...

Well, tomorrow is surgery day; today is clean everything in sight day, put casseroles together day and try to get some groceries day. I don't think the last one is going to happen.  I am bone tired and my leg is killing me!  :(

Anyway, I cannot leave everything for my husband to do when I am down for a couple of days recuperating from arthroscopic surgery.  I just believe I should have all my and his ducks in a row before I go under.  Ewww....   Therefore, today has been especially busy.

Everything has been dusted.  The floors have been vacuumed and mopped.  The kitchen and bathroom has been cleaned and scrubbed.  The rest of the laundry will be done in the morning.  (I need something to do while waiting until time to go to the hospital.)  The appliance repairman came this morning and I my oven and exhaust hood lights are in perfect working order!  I did not know how much I would miss my oven, but I did!  ($185!!!---but all paid for in cash.  FPU came through again!)  So, my casseroles are not being made in vain...

I did do some more spring cleaning though; the refrigerator corner is all done!!!  I have made it all around the room now.  The walls are just going to have to wait.  I am too sore and tired to any painting.  Plus, I really have not settled on  a color.  Everytime I think I have chosen a color...I change my mind.  Sigh...

So, the joint accomplishments (my son and myself) are very nice--even though I do say so myself.

I actually had some Pampered Chef baking stones up in this cabinet that I totally forgot about!  I need to talk to my friends to learn how to use them!  They have never even been out of the box!  I just forgot about them; I don't even remember buying them...oh well.  I also discovered that I am a closet disposable cup hoader!  I had 6 packages of them!  Out of sight---out of mind.  I ended up with a great deal of space in this cabinet.  Yippeee!!

My compost bin got a real good feeding today!  The worms will be very happy about that.  I can actually see the shelves!  Now, I have a place to put my recuperation casseroles.

Nice and clean!  I can check this off my list!  Thank goodness!

Now, onto resting up for my surgery tomorrow!  I am praying all goes well....duh!  I am not really anxious about it...I just want my family taken care of when I am recuperating.  :)  This is when I can really understand the Proverbs 31 Woman....  :)


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