Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 5...

The cleaning continues slowly.  I just don't feel like rushing, but at least it is getting done.  So, the upper cabinets over the stove and the exhaust hood got a good cleaning today.  They were really bad.  Not now though!!!  All clean and organized.  I, once again, threw out many out dated spices and such.  Another free shelf appeared...funny how that has been happening.


I cannot believe the extra space I have!  I am so excited!

The next job was the hood over my stove.  Everything cleaned up well, but the filters were nasty.  I have cleaned them before and they needed it again.  Now, everyone knows that I love  I love repining cleaning I went there and sure enough I found a procedure to clean exhaust filters. 

Here is what you do.  Get your biggest stock pot or pan and boil water.  When the water is boiling add 1 cup of baking soda (a tbsp. at a will quickly foam and then disappear).  Place the filter in the pot and then boil all the grease away. 

Now, I did not have a pot wide enough, so I just did everything in the sink.  I just poured the boiling baking soda water over the filters and watch the grease melt off!  It totally worked!


You can see how dirty the filter was...I just scooped the hot water over it.

As you can see--the grease is now in the baking soda water!

The water was rather disgusting, but better there than on my filters!

This water was clear when I started.

All nice and clean!  I could not believe how well this worked.

So, this evening I will be working on the bottom cabinets and some little drawers.  My kitchen is far from being totally clean, but I have to remember it is the process I am suppose to enjoy.

I think I am going to order pizza tonight.  Sigh...


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