Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just recuperating...

There really isn't much to tell.  I am just recuperating from my arthroscopic knee surgery to clean up a posterior medial menicus tear in my right knee.  I am not spring cleaning at the moment, but I will start back as soon as I can bend my knee.

I went to physical therapy yesterday....everything is good except the bending of my knee.  I am supposed to be a 135 degrees....I am only at 90 degrees and this is with a great deal of burning pain.  Sigh...

I must say that I am a bit unsettled for some reason.  I am grumpy...(inside--I am trying to not be grumpy on the outside for my guys sake).  I just have too much time on my hands for pondering all my thoughts to death.  This will pass- soon I hope.


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